‘The Bachelor’: What Is Colton Underwood’s Zodiac Sign, and What Sign Should He Date?

It’s Bachelor season, and while many fans of the series were looking forward to see who would be the new lucky man looking for love, they had mixed feelings when Colton Underwood was revealed. Insider reminds us we first saw Colton on Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette, and he made waves when it was revealed he had history with Becca’s friend, Tia Booth. Tia and Colton couldn’t work things out, however, and now Colton’s giving love one more shot on live TV. Whether fans like the ex-NFL player or not, they’ll certainly be watching.

So, after so many failed attempts at love, what kind of woman should Colton be going for? Here’s what his zodiac sign says he should do regarding romance.

Colton is an Aquarius

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Born on Jan. 26, Colton has the sun sign of Aquarius, which is a deeply complex air sign. Heavy notes that Aquarius’ tend to know themselves well when it comes to their heads and hurts, but they can have trouble with communication. For this reason, it may be tough for some of the girls who are attracted to Colton to know where they stand with him. While he may act completely interested in one lady, it may be another woman he’s secretly into, which is sure to throw some drama into the current season of the show.

According to Aquarius personality traits, we’re also likely to see Colton fall hard and fast in love. This zodiac sign is known for their honesty, trustworthiness, and sensitivity, and they’re total sticklers for their own belief systems (we see this right off the bat with Colton’s commitment to his virginity). When Aquarius’ have their mind set on one person or thing, they’re likely to see it through to the end — that is, unless drama’s involved. This sign dislikes those who come on too strong or those who are over-the-top dramatic. We’re willing to bet Colton will get rid of the girls who attract the most drama on the show early on in the season.

Aquarius’ are attracted to intellect, communication, and imagination

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So, what kind of girl is Colton likely looking for based on his characteristics as an Aquarius? According to Astrology-zodiac-signs.com, good intellect is by far one of the most attractive qualities in a mate for this sign. As the publication states, “There’s nothing that can attract an Aquarius more than an interesting conversation with a person.” Additionally, Colton’s also likely to look for a woman who has plenty of imagination, communicates well, and willing to take risks of their own. Aquarius signs are also willing to give their mates plenty of independence, as they’re not possessive and instead encourage their partners to follow their own dreams.

As for Aquarius men in particular, the publication notes they can be stubborn, indecisive, and inflexible at times. Colton will need a woman who’s loving and understanding without coming on too strong. It also might help the Bachelor contestants out if they find common ground with Colton as a friend first.

His perfect match is a Gemini

Aquarius’ are an air sign, which means other air signs are likely to be their perfect match. As for the sign Colton should really be looking for, it seems a Gemini woman would be best. According to Astrology.com, Gemini signs can offer Aquarius’ the mental stimulation they’re craving in a partner. Both of these signs are also quite independent, making them ideal for each other. And, since both of these signs are full of life and energy, they’re likely to come up with plenty of fun ideas together and new avenues they’ll want to pursue.

As noted by Astrology.com, there could be some trouble if Gemini’s view Aquarius’ as too stubborn, or if Gemini’s can’t keep up with Aquarius’ fast pace. Overall, however, it seems like they’re the perfect match for inspiring each other.

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