‘The Bachelor’: What Was Victoria F. Holding During Her Fantasy Suite With Peter Weber? Kaitlyn Bristowe Found Out

Peter Weber’s fantasy suites took place last week, and for once the pilot’s relationship with controversial contestant Victoria Fuller wasn’t the focus. The episode mostly revolved around Weber’s date with Madison Prewett, where they discussed an ultimatum she’d given him: sleep with Victoria F. and/or Hannah Ann Sluss, and I’m going home. She said she couldn’t wrap her head around getting engaged to someone who’d just had sex with someone else a few days prior.

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The dinner portion of their fantasy suite date ended with Madison tearfully walking off after Weber begged her to stay.

“Don’t walk away. Don’t,” he said. “I know I’m not perfect. I’m not even close. If you can honestly see me and you together forever, do not walk away. Please don’t. I know that I’ve hurt you, and I’m sorry for that. But please don’t walk away from this.”

The previews for next week show Victoria F. and Hannah Ann asking, “Where’s Madison?” So we’ll have to see whether she really did go home.

What was Victoria F. holding the morning after her fantasy suite date with Peter Weber?

Bachelor Nation noticed Victoria F. holding onto something the morning after spending the night with Weber. Some people hypothesized she was clutching the wings Weber had originally given Brown, perhaps indicating she had won.

Peter Weber and Victoria F. | Francisco Roman via Getty Images
Peter Weber and Victoria F. | Francisco Roman via Getty Images

Kaitlyn Bristowe was recently on Strahan, Sara, and Keke to discuss fantasy suites, and the former bachelorette said she wasn’t shy about asking Victoria F. what she was holding at that moment.

“I got to the bottom of this one,” Bristowe said. “I went straight to the source. I messaged Victoria, slid into her DMs, and I said, ‘What are you holding?’ And she said, ‘My hotel key.’”

So there’s that. Not so juicy after all.

Former bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe doesn’t think Madison Prewett went home after fantasy suites

The former bachelorette also shared her thoughts concerning Madison’s fantasy suite. Bristowe said the shot we saw of Madison walking away from Weber probably wasn’t her going home.

“It wasn’t like a ‘K bye I’m done.’ It was like a ‘Oh I’m being called by the producer. I’m gonna walk away, and it’s going to look dramatic so that we’re all tuning in next week,’” Bristowe said.

She also doesn’t think we’re going to find out who Weber sends home in this next ceremony until the finale. Thankfully, we don’t have much longer to wait to find out.

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