‘The Bachelor’: Why Cassie’s Dad Flew to Portugal to Talk to Her

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor was one of the most dramatic in bachelor history. We finally got to see Colton jump that fence and find out what it was exactly that pushed him over the edge. We also got to see why Cassie was sobbing in a van (another clip the show had been previewing for weeks). Not so surprisingly, the two were related.

But before Colton jumped over a fence and Cassie left the show sobbing in a van, Cassie had a conversation with her dad that might have changed the course of her life.

The date

Before her dad knocked on her door, Cassie and Colton seemed to be having a pretty successful date. They were laughing with each other and the conversation came easy. Colton is so obviously really smitten with Cassie, but it was clear that Cassie still wasn’t totally sure where he stood with her. The pressure of it all was getting to her.

Cassie’s dad surprised her in Portugal

Then her dad, Matt, flew to Portugal to give her a pep talk. There’s no way to fully know what happened behind the scenes–if a producer brought him out because they thought it’d spice up the episode, if Matt asked to come to talk to his daughter, or if Cassie asked for him. No matter how he got there, it was clear Matt felt as though he and his daughter had some unfinished business.

Why Cassie’s dad came to Portugal

Matt sat down with his daughter and explained that during her hometown date with Colton, he sensed that maybe she didn’t feel as strongly about Colton as he did about her. When he asked his daughter if she loved him, she didn’t give a very convincing ‘yes.’ Then he started talking to her about how she should know if she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Colton by now (which, to be clear, isn’t always how relationships happen–some are slower burns). Cassie took this to heart and decided she wanted the exact same kind of love her dad and mom shared. She very obviously cares a great deal about what her family thinks about her love life, and as soon as she felt an iota of anything less than enthusiasm, she backed out. But it’s important to keep in mind that the less-than-enthusiastic vibe she was getting from her dad came from Matt being able to tell that his daughter’s heart wasn’t fully in the realtionship.

Who is Matt Randolph?

According to Bustle, “Matt is a regular family guy living in California. He and Cassie’s mom are still married, and he works out of the San Francisco Bay Area as CEO of the Spear Marketing Group, according to his LinkedIn. He attended Biola University, which is the same college that Cassie later went to for her degree in communication sciences and disorders.”

If you couldn’t tell by now, he’s also really close to his daughter.

At the end of the day, you can tell how much Cassie’s dad cares about his daughter. It’s unsurprising that his opinion means the world to her.

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