‘The Bachelor’: Why Did Cassie Randolph Break Up With Ex-Boyfriend Caelan Tiongson?

Colton Underwood just finished up his crazy season of The Bachelor, and fans never saw a few of the most infamous twists and turns coming. Not only did Colton not go through with a final rose ceremony, but he jumped a fence for Cassie Randolph after she initially broke up with him and was prepared to head home. He chased after her, of course, and won her back. Now, the two seem more in love than ever and are planning an engagement.

We can’t forget that this wasn’t Cassie’s first time on reality TV, however. She was also famously on Young Once, a show that explored her life while she attended Biola University and dated her classmate Caelan Tiongson. Here’s why the two couldn’t make things work no matter how hard they tried.

Cassie and Caelan were on and off throughout the first season of Young Once

Fans of The Bachelor found it ultra strange to see Cassie on two reality TV shows at once, but rest assured, Young Once was filmed long before The Bachelor got going. Life & Style Magazine notes Young Once chronicled the lives of those attending Biola University in California, a conservative Christian school with strict rules against sex and alcohol. The first season of the show in 2015 paid particular attention to Cassie and her relationship with Caelan Tiongson. The publication notes the two of them dated for roughly five years, though Cassie ended up dumping Caelan in the end. During Season 2, the show explored their relationship after the breakup and if they would decide to have a reconciliation.

As for the timing of Young Once and The Bachelor, Cassie reassured everyone that she was not dating Caelan right before competing for Colton’s love. She wrote on Instagram, “We filmed for several weeks prior to Caelan heading to Asia to play pro basketball and before I found out that I was cast for Bachelor. The timing of everything was completely chance.”

Why didn’t their relationship work out?

As for why Cassie and Caelan couldn’t work things out, it seems the breakup was completely Cassie’s choice. Caelan wrote his own Instagram post about their relationship of the past, and he addressed the breakup there. He explained that the two of them dragged the romance on for far longer than it should have gone, and in the end, they just weren’t right for each other. It was Cassie who made the first move to end it, though. As Caelan wrote, “This is because I persistently pursued a reunion and she knowingly kept the door open at times because of indecisiveness, neither of which matters because it has been over for good since before she went on The Bachelor.”

On Cassie’s Instagram post, she also added that while she attempted to get back together with Caelan, she just knew she wanted to be friends in the end. “Since I was the one saying we couldn’t be together, this was extra hard for him,” she wrote. “We were on and off for so long that turning it off for good was a difficult decision as I truly didn’t want to regret giving up if we were meant to be.”

Today, Caelan seems proud of Cassie and has moved on

As for how Caelan feels about Cassie winning Colton’s heart, he seems happy that she had the opportunity to find love on The Bachelor. As he wrote on Instagram, “The reality of the situation is that Cassie is a great girl. Her decision to go on The Bachelor was a decisive moment in my life to move forward so why couldn’t it serve as that for her as well?” He continued on with a message about he’s moved forward himself with his own life and hopes good things are in store for her. “I wish her nothing but success and happiness moving forward,” he added.

As for Cassie, there’s no doubt she still cares a lot for Caelan on a friendship level, too — though anyone who’s seen both Young Once and The Bachelor can tell that she’s way more into Colton than she ever was with Caelan. Will Caelan get an invite to Cassie and Colton’s eventual wedding? We’re hoping so.

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