‘The Bachelor’ Why Fans Think Cassie Randolph is Fake

There is just something about certain cast members on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that people love to hate. Most times the people that receive this treatment are the villains of their seasons. The girls and guys who make some faux pas early on in the season and get the villain edit from production that only shows them gossiping and backstabbing other contestants.

But sometimes, other contestants also get heat from fans of the show. One star who is getting more and more flack from viewers the longer she is in the spotlight is Cassie Randolph.

Why do fans think Randolph is fake?

Randolph rose to fame for winning Colton Underwood’s heart on the last season of The Bachelor. Since then, like most of the former Bachelor contestants, she has been using her Instagram to promote both herself and brands for money.

The problem is, fans are starting to get sick of her promotions and the obvious ads on her Instagram.

She recently posted a photo of herself to promote bioClarity.

“Anyone who knows me knows that I have always been super passionate about skincare and health!” she wrote under the picture of her looking flawless.

“It’s so important to know exactly what you’re putting on your skin, since it absorbs right into your body! Recently I tried @bioclarity💛. Their ingredients are pure and also actually work!”

She then shared her promo code so users could get some money off of their purchases.

Unfortunately, her followers didn’t buy that Randolph actually used the skincare line.

“Every day u say u use something else. Can I get your REAL skincare routine?” one fan commented.

“We all know you don’t use that since it always changes,” another wrote.

“But the question is, what do you really use on your skin?” someone else commented.

Randolph’s religious beliefs

The Bachelor wasn’t Randolph’s first rodeo on television. She was previously on Young Once, a show that followed her life at Biola University, which is an extremely Christian school.

While on The Bachelor, she never really opened up about her faith, but in a recent Instagram post, she thanked God in the caption.

“When I was little and on the days that my dad would drive me to school, we would always think of something specific to be grateful for that day,” she wrote. “Sometimes it would be something as simple as a toothbrush and sometimes bigger things like love and family. Either way, God has blessed us all with both small and big things, and I’m feeling like I need to start being extra grateful for every little thing in between. Life is crazy, but God is so good.”

Some fans were excited to see Randolph express her faith, while others wondered why she didn’t do it sooner.

One fan stood up for Randolph, saying that she didn’t owe the public any information about her faith.

“So many people in the public eye choose not to talk about religion for different reasons,” one user wrote. “As a Christian, it is nice to see someone openly speaking about their love for Jesus.”

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