‘The Bachelor’: Why Fans Think Hannah Ann Lied to Peter Weber About Being in Love

Hannah Ann Sluss is considered one of the front runners on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. In the premiere, Sluss received the first impression rose from Weber. While Sluss is definitely a standout this season, some fans think she lied to Weber.

Peter Weber Hannah Ann
Peter Weber and Hannah Ann | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Hannah Ann told Peter Weber she has never been in love

On a recent episode of The Bachelor, Weber took Sluss on a one-on-one date in Chile. During the date, Sluss told Weber that she has never been in love before. This worried Weber, as he felt that Sluss would not be ready for the type of relationship he wants.

Sluss reassured him that she cares a lot about him, so he gave her a rose. After Sluss’ confession, fans investigated her social media during the episode of The Bachelor. As the episode aired, fans of The Bachelor posted screenshots of Sluss’ Instagram page.

She told a past boyfriend she loved him

The screenshots revealed that Sluss had a relationship that lasted over three years. In several of the posts, Sluss wrote that she loved her boyfriend.

“Happy 23rd birthday to my best friend Thanks for letting me be apart of you’re life! I hope you’re day was perfect Xoxo #iloveyou,” one Instagram post reads.

“2 Corinthians 9:15 ‘Thanks be to God for His indescribable gifts.’ I thank God each and everyday for bringing me such a kind, caring, & godly person into my life . You are the perfect boyfriend and a dream come true ! Love you Ben ! @gopro,” Sluss wrote in an Instagram caption.

“Happy 22 birthday to this hilarious, fun, outdoorsy, sweet & supportive boyfriend of mine! I’m so thankful to have you in my life. Can’t wait to see you tonight! Love you,” reads another Instagram post.

Fans are torn over what Hannah Ann told Peter

After fans found the old Instagram posts, some felt angry that Sluss possibly lied to Weber on their date. Other fans defended Sluss, as she was incredibly young during her past relationship. Despite the fact she is on a reality TV show, fans don’t actually know what Sluss felt during her past relationship.

“Reality Steve, there’s a difference saying ‘I love you to someone’ vs being in love with someone. She probably tried but after 3.5 years she finally stopped. Good for her,” wrote a Twitter user.

One fan defended Sluss and tweeted, “Sometimes you get out of a relationship and realize that what you thought was love is not what being in love is supposed to be. Maybe she got out of that relationship and saw the light.”

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“‘Never been in love’ guys she was with this guy for four years. she has definitely been in love,” one fan tweeted.

“Okay I don’t tweet about the bachelor that often…but COME ON. Hannah Ann??Really?? You weren’t in love with your boyfriend of three and a half years, but you’re ‘falling in love’ with Peter after seeing him for the seventh time in your life?? Okay, sweetie…,” a Twitter user wrote.