‘The Bachelor’: Why Fans Think Natasha Might be a Producer Plant on This Season

Though this season of The Bachelor has been painful to watch at times, we are nearing the end. Last week, Peter Weber was able to narrow it down to the final six women. Now, he has Hannah Ann Sluss, Victoria Fuller, Kelley Flanagan, Natasha Parker, Kelsey Weier, and Madison Prewett left.

The Bachelor never gets to spend a lot of time with the women on the show before he has to pick one to be his wife. The overnight dates are really the first opportunity that the lead has to spend a significant amount of time with the women. Even so, at this point in the season, the lead usually has a strong connection with all of the women left.

Natasha Parker
Natasha Parker | Eric McCandless/ABC via Getty Images

Weber’s connections with most of the remaining women are shallow at best. But there is one woman left who fans are really confused about. Parker hasn’t had a one-on-one date yet and has spent absolutely no time talking to Weber. So, why is she in the final six? Well, some people think she could be a producer plant.

Natasha’s past doesn’t add up

While fans are starting to love Parker, we don’t know much about her. And according to one Reddit user’s sleuthing, captured by Meaww, what we do know might not be accurate.

On Parker’s bio on ABC’s website, it says she plans parties for a living. However, one Reddit user looked up her LinkedIn job history and there was no record of event planning at all.

She worked for Time Warner

In order to go on a Bachelor show, you must not work for subsidiaries and divisions of Warner Bros., Entertainment Inc, Time Warner Inc. Though she may not work for them now, Parker once worked as a production manager in the creative marketing department at HBO, which is a subsidiary of Time Warner and Warner Media.

“What’s interesting is the timeline in regards to when Natasha was cast on the show and if she’s a plant,” the user wrote. “It goes directly against their rules for her to even be in the cast if she applied anytime before early last year. This means that Natasha either applied and/or was scouted likely very early 2019 or very late 2018 and her casting process was fast.”

“So either this producer plant plan was quickly put in place for her to be on the show or it was more extensively put in place and she knew when she quit her job that she would be on the show or of course, that there’s no conspiracy at all and by luck it all worked out that she ended up on the Bachelor as soon as she was eligible.”

She has no interest in Peter Weber

While Weber appears to have strong physical and emotional connections with the rest of the women despite barely knowing them, he and Parker don’t seem to have any chemistry at all. They spend no time together and don’t seem concerned to do so. According to previews, Parker may get a one-on-one tonight, but it’s still doubtful that sparks will fly between the two.

The Reddit post has been deleted

Since the Reddit thread began gaining traction, the user deleted it. This could be because she realized that her theory was wrong, or maybe she actually cracked the producers’ plans and was getting heat from ABC.