‘The Bachelor’: Why Hannah G. Could be The Next Bachelorette

With The Bachelor wrapping up, fans are almost more excited to find out who the bachelorette is going to be than finding out what happens with Cassie and Colton. Chris Harrison recently said in an interview with Extra TV that the next bachelorette will be coming from Colton’s season.

“We have an embarrassment of riches I think this was an extraordinary group of dynamic, strong, independent women. You saw it tonight, there are some amazing women up there that a) will be great in paradise, and one of them will probably be a great bachelorette,” he said.

Hannah G. | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah G. | John Fleenor via Getty Images

ABC says Hannah G. will either be the bachelorette or be on Paradise

Then today, The Bachelorette posted a teaser photo of the three women who could be the next bachelorette: Hannah G., Hannah B., and Caelynn.

Hannah G.’s fans

After last night’s part one of the finale, Bachelor fans are taking to the internet to show their support for Hannah G.

A lot of fans really felt for Hannah G. and her breakup. They thought her conversation with Colton, as he was breaking up with her, was very real and relatable.


Some fans were even angry at Colton for what he did to her.

And then there are some fans who are having a hard time separating heartbroken Hannah G. from rap star Hannah G.

Hannah G.’s response to the support

Today, Hannah G. posted to Instagram about how much she learned about life and love on the show. She also profusely thanked everyone who’s shown her support since last night’s episode aired.  

Why Hannah G. would make a great bachelorette

The biggest concern about Hannah G. being the next bachelorette is her age. Many fans wonder if she is too young and if she has the maturity to be the next bachelorette. After last night, the worr have subsided for a lot of fans. She was mature yet candid, poised yet vulnerable. When Colton was breaking up with her she even said that she had been ready to move anywhere with him. She was in the mindstate to get married and settle down with someone. That sounds like bachelorette talk to us.

She also recently learned the valuable lesson that “Loving others starts with loving your d*** self first.”

“Here’s to a new adventure & thank you SO MUCH to all of you for your kind words, @abcnetwork, all the amazing people I’ve met & that I’m surrounded by, and finally MYSELF for teaching me how to conquer my fears for once. You all deserve love! Xo,” she wrote in her Instagram post. Could that “new adventure” be being the bachelorette or a trip to paradise?

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