‘The Bachelor’: Why the Internet is Going Crazy over Colton Underwood’s New Hair

Last night on part one of The Bachelor season finale, there was drama, their were tears, there was heartbreak, but above all that…there was a new hairstyle. Colton Underwood’s to be exact.

Throughout the season, Underwood had short blonde locks that made him look innocent (or that could have been the constant references to his virginity) and suited him quite well.

Maybe it was the heartbreak or the stress of being constantly in the public eye but last night Underwood decided to debut a new hairstyle that was at it’s best, a last minute accident.

As soon as he stepped out on the stage to talk to Tayshia Adams, fans immediately forgot about the heartwrenching breakup that they had just seen and were distracted by his new spiky locks.

Even the Bachelor Live twitter account was concerned about Underwood’s hair choice.

“WHATS UP WITH COLTONS HAIR #TheBachelor,” the account tweeted.

So many people had questions about the Bachelor’s new spikes, that #coltonshair even became a hashtag.

“Colton’s hair looks like it was inspired by Dylan and Cole Sprouse when they were in Big Daddy #BachelorFinale#coltonshair,” one user wrote.

One person tried to come to the Bachelor’s aid.

“Apparently I was the only person on the planet that thought Colton’s hair looked great! #ihavebadtasteiguess#TheBachelor,” she wrote.

But the rest of the Twitterverse was not having it.

“What the devil is going on with Colton’s hair? Them breakups are taking a toll on his hair,” one fan tweeted.

Some people even equated it to having “breakup hair.”

“Colton’s new hair is the male equivalent of females going through their red hair phase. It can only mean he’s very unhappy and still uncertain about whatever his decision was. #TheBachelor#theBachelorFinale#ColtonsHair,” another person wrote.

Others called out to host Chris Harrison to help the situation.


Even former Bachelor Ben Higgins had something to say about Underwood’s hair, claiming that it almost poked him when they were backstage.

Perhaps finalists Adams and Hannah Godwin should get the most props of the night for being able to have serious conversations with Underwood while his hair looked the way that it did.

The part one finale

Outside of Underwood’s startling locks, there were a lot of other noteworthy moments from part one of the finale.

For the first time in Bachelor history, there are no women left for the lead to choose from. After Cassie Randolph broke up with Underwood, he decided to break things off with both Godwin and Adams, instead of continuing on with the show and proposal as per usual.

Because of this, the audience was forced to watch two gut wrenching breakups back to back in one night.

Underwood then came out and spoke to each of the women for the first time since they all left Portugal.

Both women asked for clarity on why Underwood had ended the relationship, to which he replied that he was simply in love with someone else. Though they seemed heartbroken, both Adams and Godwin wished Underwood the best in his search for love.

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