‘The Bachelor’: Will Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham’s Wedding Be Televised?

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham’s journey might have ended on The Bachelor, but they could make it back on television in the future. That’s because the former bachelor got down on one knee and proposed to Burnham on After the Final Rose. It’s a possibility that their wedding might air now that they are engaged.

So what exactly are their plans? Well, luckily the couple has been talking about their life after the show. They have since traveled, moved in together, and started making plans for their nuptials. They are in the early stages, but there are some things, like a potential date, thrown out there, and Luyendyk Jr. has talked about if it will all make it on television.

Here are seven things to know about the couple’s wedding planning.

1. Arie Luyendyk Jr. said living with Lauren Burnham has strengthened their relationship

Arie Luyendyk and Lauren Burnham selfie

They’re cohabiting and feeling good about it. | Arie Luyendyk on Instagram

The engaged couple recently started living together and has been gushing about the change. Luyendyk Jr. went into the details two weeks after they moved in together. “I think it’s strengthened our relationship,” he told ET. “We love hanging out together, and we’re very similar. We get along, and it’s just great.” Burnham isn’t his only new roommate either.

“Her dog Dallas is so cute, and he gets along with my dog,” he told ET. “We’re looking at houses, and it’s a really exciting time of life so for me, it’s been really cool.”

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2. Their parents have helped with wedding planning

Lauren Burnham's parents

Her parents are on board. | Entertainment Tonight via YouTube

It’s still unknown how much producers will be involved in the wedding planning but their parents have been involved.

Our parents are helping, too,” Luyendyk Jr. told ET. “Lauren’s mom is being a big help, and the planning’s going good. We always say we want a small wedding but then we keep looking at the guest list, and it keeps growing more and more everyday, so it could be a big wedding.”

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3. A source reportedly said the couple is ‘heavily pushing’ for a TV wedding

Arie proposes to Lauren on After the Final Rose

They’re eager to share their wedding on TV. | ABC

This is probably not uncommon with Bachelor Nation, but a source gives an interesting motive for why the couple is “heavily pushing” for a TV special.

“They want everything to happen quickly and show the world how real their love is,” a source reportedly told E! News.

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4. Luyendyk Jr. said they are still early in the wedding planning

Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham

There’s a lot of planning left to go. | ABC

Don’t expect to hear about any specific wedding plans any time soon. “We’re still in the beginning stages of the wedding planning,” Luyendyk Jr. told People.

Part of that has to do with the possibility of the whole event being televised.

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5. He hinted that they are waiting for production

Arie on The Bachelor

They’re working within the show’s limitations. | ABC

There are a few engaged couples from the franchise that still haven’t gotten married. They haven’t said what they are waiting for, but Luyendyk Jr. was pretty upfront by telling People they “want to plan [the wedding] around The Bachelor schedule.”

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6. Cameras may be involved even if the ceremony is private

Arie and Lauren kiss on TV

Will we get a behind-the-scenes look? | ABC

Because the couple is waiting for production, that doesn’t mean the ceremony will be televised. If it is private, there seems to be a backup plan. Luyendyk Jr. said “the producers that were filming The Bachelor could still be there.”

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7. The wedding could be in September or November

Arie and Lauren on The Bachelor

It may be a fall wedding. | ABC

So when do the two plan on getting hitched? “It would either [be] in September or after they get done filming, which is in the middle of November,” he told People. “We are bouncing around ideas and dates, and [Burnham’s] mom has been super helpful with venues, so we are just getting to it.”

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