‘The Bachelor’: Will Colton and Cassie Last?

For many fans of the long-running reality show The Bachelor, this season has been the most exciting yet. Former NFL player Colton Underwood was matched up with a bevy of attractive women, all vying for his affections, in a historic season that ended in a truly shocking way.

While the season finale seemed to indicate that Underwood’s love connection with speech pathologist Cassie Randolph was heading towards an uncertain future, the couple just announced that they are very much in love and are totally committed to each other.

Their rocky road to love

Season 23 of The Bachelor premiered in January 2019 and featured lots of drama, lingering looks, and even a moment where Underwood tried to escape on-camera tension by high-jumping over a fence. The season started with 30 contestants, all determined to find love with Underwood. Soon, a few favorites emerged, including Hannah Godwin and Tayshia Adams – and for a while, it seemed like one of those two ladies would receive the final rose.

However, it was ultimately Underwood’s back and forth relationship with 23-year old Cassie Randolph that really captured the viewer’s interest. Even when Randolph decided to leave the show, Underwood didn’t give up on their chances of making it as a couple and was determined to fight for her. In a tense season finale, Underwood broke things off with Godwin and Adams in order to focus on winning Randolph’s heart – and ultimately, perhaps her hand in marriage.

Will Underwood and Randolph get engaged?

Following the show’s finale, Underwood and Randolph went public with their love story and shared with the world that they are dating, and very happy with how their relationship has progressed. However, they aren’t yet engaged, which is normally the end goal for contestants on The Bachelor. Underwood is dedicated to winning Randolph as a wife, and has even referred to her on social media and in interviews as his “future wife.” While fans have wondered if Randolph truly shares the extent of his feelings, it is possible that only time will tell. 

Looking even further down the road, it is interesting to speculate whether Underwood or Randolph will even make it to that point. Reality TV love stories are notoriously fraught with difficulties, even for the most committed of couples. This couple, in particular, has experienced their share of ups and downs over the past several months, and have questioned several times on the show whether or not they are meant to be together.

Are Underwood and Randolph living together?

During their March 12th appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, all seemed to be well in Underwood and Randolph’s world. The pair gushed about how happy they were to have finally made it to a place where they can be public about their love story, and how they plan to be together forever. They even talked rings for the possible future engagement, with celebrity jewelry designer Neil Lane presenting them with a fabulous diamond and platinum ring, that they could use for their engagement or swap out for any one of his other incredible ring designs.

Underwood and Randolph also revealed that they were not yet living together, and just enjoying dating and spending time with each other in Los Angeles. Just like any other new couple, they have been going out to fine dinners, movies, or just staying in with a bottle of wine and a good TV show. While only time will tell if Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph do get to experience their happily ever after, the future is bright for them, and they have the love and support of their fans.