‘The Bachelor’: Will the Winner of This Season Win Despite Breaking the Show’s Unwritten Rule?”

We are nights away from finding out who wins this season of The Bachelor. We are almost to the end of the tears and fights and the proclamations of love and one step closer to the proposal.

Throughout the seasons, unspoken rules that must be followed have popped up on the show. For instance, contestants are not supposed to kiss the lead in front of other contestants. This year, Demi Burnett broke that rule and eventually was sent home. Whether her dismissal from the show was due to her rule breaking or not, is unclear.

Another rule winners tend to stick to is avoiding fights with the other girls. The girls who have ongoing feuds with other contestants are usually sent home in the first half of the season. If they make it to later episodes, they are almost always sent out on a two-on-one date together where one girl is left on an island somewhere and the remaining girl is sent home a few weeks later.

On Underwood’s season, we are now down to Cassie Randolph, Hannah Godwin, and Tayshia Adams. And if either Randolph or Adams wins, they will do so despite breaking this rule.

In the last few episodes, both girls made it clear that they did not care for one another after Adams told Underwood that Randolph was not on the show for the right reasons. In addition to feuding with each other, they’ve also both had issues with other contestants.

Adams and beauty queen Caelynn Miller-Keyes got into it after Adams told Underwood that Miller-Keyes was on the show to be the next Bachelorette. Doing this also broke another unspoken rule. Winners on the show typically don’t throw other contestants under the bus. Whenever women tattle on other women, it never ends well.

Randolph also got into an argument with Kirpa Sudick on a group date where Sudick accused her of not being there for the right reasons.

The only girl left on the show who hasn’t broken any of these rules is Godwin. She has flown under the radar the entire season. Going by these rules, it would seem like Godwin should be a shoo-in to win this season. Except for one little thing.

Reality Steve.

Reality Steve is pretty much an encyclopedia of all things Bachelor related. He knows who wins each season before the finale and is usually right when picking who will be the lead on the next season.

On Friday, he tweeted out a picture that pretty much spoiled the season.

“(SPOILER): Not that you didn’t know this 3 months ago, but yet again, social media spoils again,” he wrote. “Yeah, Colton’s working out with Jake Miller. But how about the third guy in the pic who just so happens to be the boyfriend of Cassie’s sister. Doh!”

So, Underwood is hanging out with people connected to Randolph’s family? Does that mean that Randolph wins?

Well, if you watched last night’s episode then you know that Randolph actually wanted to send herself home because she didn’t know if her feelings for Underwood could progress enough to accept a proposal.

The Bachelor is no stranger to surprising twists and turns, though, so Randolph very well might come back in next week’s episode.

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