‘The Bachelor’: You Will Not Believe Who Received Date Roses From Peter Weber Week 4—One Woman Didn’t Even Attend The Date

As usual, week four of The Bachelor did not fail to bring the drama. The producers brought in not one, but two twists to mess with Peter Weber’s head this week. Let’s take a look at who managed to walk away with date roses, and how someone who didn’t even go on the group date got her hands on one. 

[Warning: The Bachelor Season 24 spoilers ahead]

Peter Weber
Peter Weber | Paula Lobo/ABC via Getty Images

Weber takes Victoria Fuller to Cedar Point and her ex-boyfriend’s concert

You read that correctly. The producers brought in Victoria F.’s ex-boyfriend, Chase Rice, for a private concert during her one-on-one date with her new boyfriend, Weber. The country singer had no idea that he would be serenading his ex-girlfriend and her new beau. 

Before the concert, Weber and Victoria did have a great time exploring Cedar Point. Viewers at home were pretty jealous that they had the whole place to themselves. Although the 25-year-old sales rep is afraid of heights, she was a trooper. 

Later in the evening, she finally tells Weber about dating Rice. Although the bachelor’s initial reaction is confusion and disbelief, he bounces back well. 

“You were honest with me, that’s all that I can ask for.”

He tells her that as long as she likes him, he wants her to stay. We think you know what happens next. Weber gives Victoria F. his first date rose of the week. 

The group date is a football game that no one wins

Weber has the help of two former NFL pros to help teach the ladies about football. They met at Cleveland’s First Energy Stadium and split into two teams. Victoria P. chooses to sit out because of her back, you can imagine this does not sit well with the other women.

Shiann stands out as the star of the game, scoring all four of her team’s touchdowns. Deandra also makes an impressive play when she catches the ball and runs it into the end zone without getting tackled. The game ends in a tie, so all 13 women attend the cocktail party later that evening. 

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Just as Shiann finally gets her one-on-one time with Weber, in walks the ghost of rose ceremonies past. Alayah returns to set the record straight that the other women manipulated Weber into sending her home.

Our pilot brings both Alayah and Victoria P. together to figure things out. Victoria P. admits that they did indeed go to Las Vegas together, but that they are not friends—they have a lot of the same friends in common. 

The whole thing does not sit well with Weber, who is beginning to believe Alayah more and more. He must love the drama because he gives the group rose to the only woman who did not get bruises from tackle football earlier in the day. 

Yes, you read that correctly. Weber invites Alayah back onto the show and gives her the group date rose for returning with more drama than ever before. 

Kelsey attempts to redeem herself from ‘Champagne-Gate’

The final date of the week goes to Kelsey, the former star of the champagne-gate debacle. Right off the bat, Weber gets serious, by sharing with her that Alayah is back. She takes it rather well. Maybe she has turned a corner?

“If you feel like you need to explore this, I’d rather have you do it now,” Kelsey tells Weber regarding his choice to invite Alayah back into the mansion.

The pair continue on their date throughout the city of Cleveland, which seems to be bursting with fun activities. They dance the polka in the streets, posed in a photo booth, and won a little soap-box derby.

Later that evening, over dinner, Kelsey throws in the obligatory rendition of how she has had such a tough life. Her parents divorced when she was in seventh grade, and she didn’t see her father for 12 years. Of course, Weber hands over the last date rose to Kelsey, and they kiss under the fireworks. 

To viewers dismay, those were the only three roses handed out during week 4 of The Bachelor. The episode ended with, “To be continued,” instead of a rose ceremony. We will have to wait until next week to find out who is heading home next when Weber returns Mon. Jan. 3, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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