‘The Bachelorette’: After Last Night’s Episode, Luke P. Is Now The Most Hated Person On Twitter

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette was full of jaw-drop moments, but the ongoing drama had Bachelor Nation fans on their toes.

And who is usually the one in the middle of all of the drama this season? Good ‘Ol Luke P., that’s who.

Luke P and Hannah Brown
The Bachelorette, Luke P. and Hannah Brown | Photo by John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Somehow, Luke P. has been able to make each episode about himself and fans are just fed up with him at this point.

If Luke P. was hated by fans before, his performance on last night’s episode just made him one of the most hated people in Bachelor history.

Bachelor Nation is done with Luke P.’s lies

For all of those Bachelorette fans out there, we need to talk about Luke P. and the ongoing drama he’s been causing this entire season.

In the beginning, many of us assumed Luke P. would be a front runner, mainly because he was taking initiatives to show Hannah just how serious he was about her.

Now, after seeing his true colors and coming to the realization that something is not right with this guy, fans are pleaded Hannah to finally send him packing.

It’s one thing to have drama with the other contestants since this is a competition, but straight up lying to Hannah’s face and not being certain of his feelings for her is enough to make Bachelor Nation fans come after him.

Seeing as though Luke P. completely lied about Luke S. only being on the show to promote his tequila business (which isn’t even a thing yet) and constantly playing the victim, we are done seeing him get get off easily.

Luke P. still being on the show just gives us bad vibes and last night, fans shared just how much they are not here for this “evil, pathological liar.”

Fans are continuing to drag Luke P. on Twitter

With this episode being the most drama filled we’ve seen so far, of course, fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Though some fans were sharing their disappointment over the chicken nugget king, John Paul Jones, being sent home, a majority of tweets were centered around fans’ hatred for Luke P.

If you’re in need of a good laugh today, just check out these tweets of fans completely destroying Luke P.

Though many of us were hoping Hannah would send Luke P. on his way, it looks like he could be getting yet another chance.

Bachelor Nation is completely fed up with Luke P. and his shenanigans and just just want him to get eliminated already.

We know he makes for good screen time and what would a reality competition be without someone at the center of all the drama?

Though we understand why Luke P. is most likely staying throughout this entire competition, we are hoping Hannah can one day see that he is no good.

Of course, we were left with another cliff hanger and have to wait until next week to see what exactly is in store for Luke P.