‘The Bachelorette’: All The Animated Characters Fans Think Luke P. Looks Like

Luke P. is an often talked about contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. He started out with a bang, winning the first impression and handing out shirtless massages. But in recent weeks he’s been on thin ice with Hannah.

It all started during the pet photo shoot group date. He had a hard time seeing Hannah connect with other men and kept trying to monopolize her time. She had to tell him to slow down and give her space. At the time, she said the request was just as much for herself as it was for him.

Luke P. | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images
Luke P. | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images

“I really did kind of have to pump the breaks for myself with him because I am one who would just zero in on somebody. And if we’re looking right now, Luke P. was really easy for me to zero in on,” she told ET.

But as of the last two episodes, Hannah’s said she’s starting to recognize Luke P.’s red flags, like him only telling her what she wants to hear and not getting along with any of the other men in the house.

‘Bachelorette’ fans love comparing Luke P. to animated characters

As Luke P.’s popularity with Hannah grows less and less, so does his popularity on Twitter. Each week Bachelorette fans take to Twitter to absolutely rip into Luke P. One trend that’s started to catch on is comparing him to different animated characters. Some of them are… pretty spot on.    

One of the characters Luke P’s been compared to is Diego from Ice Age. Ice Age fans will remember that Diego started off as an angry, ruthless saber-toothed cat. But when he discovered the meaning of friendship and, later, fell in love, he learned how to be caring and gentle. It’s not looking like Hannah’s going to be Luke P.’s Shira the way things are currently going, but maybe Luke P.’s on his way to becoming a more gentle saber-toothed tiger, too.

Luke P. also has a striking resemblance to Alex from Madagascar. Like Luke P., Alex loves the spotlight and has a physically imposing presence. Alex, however, has a heart of gold. A trait Luke P. is still working on.

This Twitter user claims Luke P.’s character mirrors that of Hans’ from Frozen. Hans tricked Anna into thinking he was a handsome, friendly courter when really he was a power-hungry villain.

Ah yes, human Shrek. We can’t forget Luke P.’s uncanny resemblance to human Shrek, an ogre who’s a little rough around the edges but, ultimately, is just scared of people. After the last couple of episodes, maybe Luke P. is more like human Shrek than we think.   

OK, he looks like regular Shrek, too.

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