‘The Bachelorette’: Are the Producers Planting This One Food Item Around for a Reason?

When it comes to The Bachelorette, there are a few things that the show usually focuses on. The lead’s outfits, the relationships, and the villains are normally some of the main topics every season. One thing that almost never gets any attention on the show is the food. Normally, the food is just there as a prop and isn’t even eaten.

Which is why the fact that chicken nuggets have taken such a prominent role in Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette is downright weird.

Cam Ayala gave Brown chicken nuggets while he was still in the house, Brown and Jed Wyatt made wishes on chicken nuggets before throwing them off of a roof, and we are just wondering, why! Why are there so many chicken nuggets on this season? Is it some weird gimmick that producers are pushing to make Brown seem more relatable?

Why are there chicken nuggets on the show?

Fans everywhere have been tweeting about the prominence of the tasty treat on the show. The uproar became so loud that Brown herself actually commented on the issue.

“‘Chicken nuggets is like family'”, she tweeted. “I love chicken nuggets.”

So, there you have it, Brown just really loves nuggets.

Why don’t we see people eating on ‘The Bachelorette’ or ‘The Bachelor’?

Another reason why the whole chicken nugget obsession is so strange is that we usually don’t even get to see the contestants eat on the show.

“I think we’ve seen the guys eat more chicken nuggets in the last two episodes then we’ve seen contestants eat any food on the entire Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise #TheBachelorette,” one user tweeted, commenting on the weird nugget phenomenon.

The reason that we never see people eating on The Bachelor or Bachelorette is that the contestants are actually not allowed to eat on camera.

“The food on dates is usually good, but the catch is that you aren’t supposed to eat it!” former Bachelor contestant Jaclyn Swartz once told Refinery29. “No one wants to watch people stuffing their face on a date. If you’re eating, you aren’t talking.”

“Instead, we eat before the dates, as we are getting ready,” she continued. “The producers will bring room service to your room, or a plate of food to where you’re getting ready in the house.”

And in the cases where they actually do get to eat the food at the restaurant, it’s usually in between takes of the date.

“You have to remember that the dinner portion can last two to three hours,” former contestant Ashley Spivey told the outlet. “You usually talk and start eating. Then, a producer will pull you aside to do a one-on-one interview. Then, you go back to eat while the other person is doing their one-on-one interview. This is when you stuff your face and hurry and eat before the other person gets back.”

But the cast does get to eat catered food for rose ceremonies, so maybe that is where all of the chicken nuggets are coming from.

“For rose ceremonies, they have catered food available, but a lot of it isn’t the healthiest — think California Pizza Kitchen and fried chicken tenders,” Spivey said.