‘The Bachelorette’: Can Contestants Come Back Once They are Eliminated?

The story of Luke Parker is officially over. At least for now. The man who plagued this season of The Bachelorette has finally been sent home. And while fans are excited that Parker won’t be on their tv screens any longer, they have been wondering how he stayed there for so long.

He was essentially sent home twice and then allowed to come back to fight for Hannah Brown again.

This last time, he was sent packing after he shamed Brown for having sex on one of her Fantasy Suite dates.

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I want you all to know why I went on this TV show and why I went back for @alabamahannah after she sent me home. I never wanted to go on the show to begin with, my sister in law @hleaparker22 signed me up and I kept an open mind. Going through the interview process I watched Colton’s season and a beautiful southern girl stood out to me during the intro videos. She told the cameras she respected Colton’s virginity and that it was super appealing to her that he was a virgin, and was the bachelor because sex was a big deal to her. I saw her Instagram and in her bio read “I love Jesus with my whole heart”, I was sold and if I was going on this TV show it was for her. I also noticed she told Colton how she wanted to be a wife of Noble character. I knew she was quoting Proverbs 31 which gave me the impression there is a way God could use this show… yes, even the “Bachelorette” as a way to bring him Glory. The first night I made her a Proverbs 31 bracelet then explained to her that I noticed what she said to Colton and I knew where it came from and how important my faith was to me. Shortly after that, I get the first impression rose. On my hometown date I brought Hannah to a bible study with my college church group, where I shared my story of how God transformed my life and gave me a desire to live my life for him in obedience, that included waiting until marriage for sex. Hannah on the date, stands up and tells the group her story of how she was convicted to live a life in pursuit of Jesus. She also told them that she wasn’t going to use the fantasy suites for sex but for conversation, no matter how @abcnetwork made it look. I had to go back and fight for her, I believed in my heart she was making the biggest mistake of her life based on what she was telling me, I wanted her to know that we could get through this and I was here for her. #thebachelorette

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Parker’s return

Just because Brown wanted him gone, didn’t mean Parker was ready to quit.

“Hannah thought after sending me in the van that there’s no way I’d want to be with her anymore after the last thing she told me,” he said after being sent home. “She’s sadly mistaken.”

“She doesn’t realize I still love her and that I’m not through,” he continued. “This isn’t over for me yet. I couldn’t go home without talking to her again and sharing my heart with her and getting a few things off my chest. She has never told me that she loves me, but I know she loves me. I know without a shadow of a doubt she still has feelings for me. I believe she’s making a big mistake, and I’m going to tell her that. She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m on my way and I’m coming. I want to prove to her how serious I am about this.”

Fortunately, Brown didn’t allow Parker to come back this time.

“Leave!” she told Parker when he tried to talk to her. “I’m so tired. You’re so narcissistic. It’s my this, my that. This is not about your heart. I’m sorry that your heart is broken, but you’ve already broken my heart like 15 times through all of this by me trying to make this work.”

Can ‘Bachelorette’ contestants come back whenever they want?

Though it didn’t work the last time, Parker did successfully return to The Bachelorette once.

So, can anyone just return after being eliminated whenever they want?

Apparently, it’s all up to production.

“There were a lot of discussions about Luke [coming back the second time],” Harrison said on the Bachelor Party podcast, according to Entertainment Tonight. “We, as producers, were thinking there’s going to be some Luke P. fatigue setting in about now, and, if left to our devices, we probably would have gotten rid of him and that storyline earlier to get Hannah on track for what we would hope to be a happy ending.”

Though they knew the storyline was getting old, production ultimately decided to let Parker come back.

“We knew there would be fatigue, but Hannah and Luke P. couldn’t resolve their relationship and their issues, so therefore it lingered on, and he needed to come back, because it wasn’t done,” Harrison continued. “And he wasn’t done.”

Harrison did worry that letting Parker return would cause an altercation to break out amongst the men who were tired of Parker’s antics, but ultimately, his reappearance was needed to shut that door.

“I could have pushed it even further, and it could have been a mess, if we really wanted that as television,” he said. “That’s not what we wanted there. I didn’t want Hannah to have that in her life. An altercation… had no purpose for us. The purpose [of having Parker come back] was, make your final choice, make it in front of the men… let’s move on.”