‘The Bachelorette’: Clare Crawley’s Ex-Fiancé Thinks She Didn’t Call Dale Moss Her Fiancé

This season of The Bachelorette is moving along fast. That’s because Clare Crawley has seemingly fell for Dale Moss quickly. Fans were shocked to hear her call him her fiancé even though he hasn’t proposed. Benoit Beausejour-Savard shared why he thinks the clip was heavily edited.

Did Clare Crawley call Dale Moss her fiancé on ‘The Bachelorette’?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss on 'The Bachelorette'
Clare Crawley and Dale Moss on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

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Week 3 showed men on a group date where they had to roast each other. Many of them were angry at Dale for taking so much time with Crawley so there were a lot of jokes made at his expense.

Crawley wanted to know the reason why Dale was such a big target. She asked multiple men why they went after him. Many of them were seen saying they didn’t want to talk about Dale any further. She then refused to give any of them a rose.

“I really don’t think I can sit there and go ‘You dished on my fiancé so hard’ like, like I can’t be doing that sh*t, you know? It doesn’t feel right,” she says as she walks away and is seemingly talking to someone who works on the show.

The moment was shocking to fans because she isn’t engaged to Dale. Crawley was previously engaged to another man.

Crawley used to be engaged to Benoit Beausejour-Savard

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The last time Crawley looked for love on television was on Bachelor Winter Games in 2018. Beausejour-Savard proposed to her at the reunion after they both left the show separately in the middle of the season.

The engagement ended in a breakup two months later. They didn’t reveal the reason why in their Instagram announcement. But they wanted fans to “Just know there are no negative feelings here. We are simply two people who believed in love, and were [sic] open enough to give it a chance. We still care for each other very deeply.”

He thinks editors played a trick

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Beausejour-Savard isn’t holding back when it comes to his thoughts on the new season. He said on Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins’ Almost Famous podcast, people have come to him with their theories on how Crawley is being edited.

“When she called him her fiancé, a lot of people were telling me, ‘Benoit, I feel like they just cut out the ex-fiancé part and maybe they made some jokes about you and that was not fair,’ so there’s no way she would have called him at that moment her fiancé,” he said.

He has his own reasons to not believe the clip. “I know Clare and I know how she is,” the former reality star said. “Why would she have called him her fiancé at that moment, especially in that part because she’s, like, walking, you can see the back of her head so you can’t really read her lips, so it’s weird.”

It’s true fans don’t see Crawley’s face during that moment. Hopefully, she’ll be able to talk about whether she called Moss her fiancé.