‘The Bachelorette’: Could Scheana Shay from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ One Day Be a Star on the Dating Show?

As fans of Vanderpump Rules know, Scheana Shay has been through the ringer when it comes to love. She’s been in relationship after relationship, but none have amounted to anything lasting. But could the problem be that she’s searching for a partner in the wrong ways?

Would it be better if she dated 30 men at a time and sent some of them home week after week until she determined who her heart truly desired?

Sure, at least that’s what Shay thinks.

“I would be the Bachelorette,” she told Us Weeklyon Saturday.

The only problem is that she doesn’t want to complete the one prerequesite for going on the show.

“I don’t want to go on The Bachelor to become the Bachelorette,” she added.

While the chances of Shay becoming the Bachelorette without ever going through The Bachelor process are extremely slim, she has dated someone from The Bachelor world before.

She was seen dating former Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes on an episode of Vanderpump Rules this season. But the relationship seems to have fizzled out. In fact, Hayes stopped speaking to her before the episode with them dating even aired.

“I actually have not spoken to him since October, and it still baffles me because him and I were such good friends,” she told the outlet. “We went to Hawaii together. We went on a few dates. We made out on that date, as you saw. And then, he was on a trip in Mexico, we were texting and I was like, ‘I miss you. Let’s have a Robby-Scheana day soon.’ And he was like, ‘Yeah. I’ll be back tomorrow.’ … I’ve literally never heard from him again.”

Hayes isn’t the first romance of Shay’s that didn’t work out. When she first came into the Bravo world, it was as the mistress of Brandi Glanville’s husband Eddie Cibrian. She claimed that she didn’t know that he was married at the time.

“He lied at first about it and then he admitted it. So I stopped talking to him for a long time,” she once told Us Weekly. “Then I run into him one night at my work. He comes by and wants to explain himself and ask me out for drinks. He says he’s now separated from his wife — bulls–t, bulls–t, bulls–t — and I’m like, ‘Okay, whatever, I’ll go with it.'”

But he, in fact, hadn’t yet separated from Glanville and was also having an affair with singer LeAnn Rimes. After breaking up with him, Shay began dating her ex-husband Michael Shay, who she later divorced after discovering he had a drug problem. After Michael, Shay moved on to Robert Parks-Valletta, who was seen on season 6 of the show. The two broke up when Shay tried to move the relationship too quickly for Valletta.

Since then, Shay has been dating a number of people and trying to focus on having fun. On this season of the show, she has most notably been hanging out with fellow SUR employee, Adam Scott. The two are currently dating and have not said whether they are in a monogamous relationship or not.

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