‘The Bachelorette’: Demi Lovato Doesn’t Trust Luke P.

Singer and Entrepreneur Demi Lovato doesn’t normally watch The Bachelorette, but she took to Instagram a few days ago after watching Hannah Brown’s most recent episode. She had some feelings. Welcome to the show, Demi, feelings are what The Bachelorette experience is all about.

She showed on her Instagram story her watching the most recent episode with her mom on the couch. The two were cracking up, audibly cringing, and getting caught up in the drama.

Demi Lovato | Joseph Okpako/WireImage
Demi Lovato | Joseph Okpako/WireImage

Demi Lovato called out Luke P. on Instagram

She, notably, called out contestant Luke P.

“HANNAH, HONEY, DO NOT TRUST HIM!!!!!!” she wrote.

During the scene where Luke P. was speaking to Hannah B. about how he was falling in love, Demi was stunned (along with the rest of us).

Luke P.’s inspired some strong reactions after sharing his feelings with Hannah B. Many fans and contestants believe it’s just too early to develop feelings like that for someone. Some contestants called BS, suggesting Luke P. only said what he said to secure his place in the show moving forward. Whether Demi Lovato believes Luke P.’s not being honest or he’s just too much of a loose cannon, she thinks he can’t be trusted. She also was not a fan of Hannah B.’s makeout scene with Luke P., saying it was cringe-worthy.

Demi Lovato’s not alone in her distrust of Luke P.

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Demi Lovato’s not the only person who doesn’t trust Luke P., Hannah B.’s first impression rose winner.

Bachelor alum Nick Viall doesn’t trust him either.

“In fairness to Luke P, I never doubted he would think his talent would be telling women what he thought they wanted to hear. #TheBachlorette,” he tweeted in response to the contestant’s talent portion of the Mr. Right Pageant group date.

And Nick Viall didn’t stop there.

“Also, Luke P seems like the type of guy who is capable of being really shitty and then defends his action by saying “Only God can judge me.” Not true Luke, I’m judging you right now. Also, i hate your tie. #theBachelorette,” he added.

“girls who like Luke P. on #TheBachelorette probably like Ted Bundy too,” writes another Bachelorette fan.

“Luke P always swoops in at Hannah’s most vulnerable moments. It’s very uncomfortable to observe and I’m starting to think he needs another Jesus shower. #TheBachelorette,” tweeted another.

The contestant Demi likes

Demi Lovato also shared the contestant she’d pick. None other than the dashingly handsome Mike. Mike’s a 31-year-old portfolio manager who lives in San Antonio, Texas. He’s “an Air Force vet who enjoys Krav Maga and going to trampoline parks. He has a lot of swag but is a romantic at heart,” according to his Bachelorette bio. He’s a “city boy who loves to get down and dirty.”

If Hannah B. doesn’t give you her final rose, Mike, maybe you’ll have a shot with Demi. But not you, Luke P.

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