‘The Bachelorette’: Did Cam Go Too Far?

Sometimes it’s not terribly cut and dry who the villain is at this stage of The Bachelorette. Based on the season preview shown at the end of Hannah Brown’s premiere, it looked as though Luke P. might be the season villain. He was shown yelling in another contestant’s face and in a few other heated moments. During the second episode of the season, Luke P. told Hannah B. that he was already falling in love with her. And he did it on a group date for everyone to hear. He’s definitely someone who wears his emotions on his sleeve. It wouldn’t be shocking to learn he’s as quick to feel anger as he does love.

Cam and Hannah B. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images
Cam and Hannah B. | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

But then contestant Cam made some “bold” (the hot term of the season–Hannah B. keeps requesting that her men be bold) moves and now it looks as if we have ourselves a different villain.

Hannah Brown’s history with Cam

We first met Cam during Colton Underwood’s season finale. Hannah B. was introduced as the new Bachelorette and she had the opportunity to meet some of her suitors. Cam was one of them. He rapped for her:

“When they said it was you it was a pleasant surprise/ Now I’m standing here looking you straight in the eyes

All the other dudes got me feeling so stressed/ So I say ‘All aboard the hot mess express’

I’m ready for love and I’m ready to feast/ I fell for you like a fell for Hannah Beast

So take my hand and let’s go for a ride/This is the only time Camy’s gonna say Roll Tide”

It was well-received, both by the audience and Hannah Brown. Hannah B. liked Cam’s performance so much, in fact, that she awarded him her faux first rose.

Cam is trying to be bold for Hannah Brown

Now that he’s on the show, Cam’s decided to capitalize on the fact that Hannah B. keeps saying that she wants a bold man.

His Bachelorette bio reads:

“Cam is a sales manager from Texas with a competitive personality. He loves to be the life of the party and is the self-proclaimed “dance floor king.” Will he have the right moves to impress our Bachelorette?”

He certainly is competitive. He’s made it very clear that ABC (always be Cam) Cam will do what he needs to do to advance in the competition for Hannah B.’s heart.

On last night’s episode, we watched him crash a group date that he wasn’t invited to. On the latter portion of the date, Cam showed up with a bouquet of flowers. He told Hannah B. that he just wanted to see her. She seemed to enjoy the surprise. She told him that she was happy to see him.

The other men on the group date, however, were not so excited to learn that Cam had crashed their date. They felt he stole some of their precious time with Hannah B. Several of the men confronted Cam about his stunt, but he just said that Hannah B. is his priority and that he’s going to do what he needs to do to spend time with her. There’s that competitive personality.

Then during the episode’s cocktail party, Cam interrupted Kevin and Hannah B. to take them over to sit in a heart made of rose petals and share some chicken nuggets–a callback to one of the first conversations Cam and Hannah B. had. Kevin was not amused. He later threw chicken nuggets at Cam to show just how unamused he was.

Did Cam go too far? That depends on who you ask. Hannah B.’s been requesting bold behavior and Cam’s acts were certainly bold. All of the contestants hate what Cam’s been up to but the producers are probably thrilled. There aren’t any rules that contestants can’t do what Cam’s doing. In fact, it seems to be encouraged.