‘The Bachelorette’: Did Hannah B Really Break This One Casting Rule?

The Bachelor franchise has gotten casting down to a science. In order to be the Bachelorette, you must have already been on The Bachelor and vice versa. This casting rule makes it so that even a viewer who says that they are only going to watch one season of the show gets lured into season after season.

Typically, the women chosen to become the Bachelorette are one of the top four from the previous season’s Bachelor. This is mostly because by the time the women are in the final four, the audience has grown to love them and is invested in their journey to finding love.

This is one of the only guidelines that the casting team follows when choosing a Bachelorette, but this season, producers deviated from the norm by choosing Hannah Brown.

Why was Hannah Brown chosen?

Though historically the Bachelorette has been chosen from the top four, ABC’s reality chief, Rob Mills, says that that isn’t a strict rule.

“It’s not like the Bachelorette has to be in the Top 4,” Mills told Variety. “We’ve met with others in the past. We also met with Hannah G. and Taysia and Demi, who was a wildcard, and Caelynn. And then Hannah came in and I think because she really thought she was a dark horse and didn’t have much of a chance, she came in with nothing to lose — that’s not to say the other girls were politicking or anything, but with her, she was just herself.”

“There was no nervousness. Like, ‘I’ll take the meeting, but I’m sure it’s not going to be me.’ The other four we met with were also phenomenal, which is why we’re so happy we have Bachelor In Paradise so that we don’t have to say goodbye to these people. But there was just something about Hannah. She came in and there was just something so different about her and we knew she’d make a great Bachelorette.

What made producers think Brown was a good choice?

Lots of people had reservations about Brown as the Bachelorette. During her time on The Bachelor, she was unable to express herself well and never really did anything super compelling. But producers saw something in her that made them bet a whole season of the popular franchise on the Alabama native.

“She said herself ‘I’m the hot mess express,'” Mills recalled. “And she really is — she just owns the fact that she is a bit uncomfortable in her own skin and she is goofy and can be a little crazy, but she also is someone who really wants to settle down and she’s in a point in her life where she’s ready to find that right partner, so everything just came together with her.”

Though fans were worried about Brown as the Bachelorette at first, as the season has gone on, people have begun to warm up to her. On The Bachelor, Brown didn’t showcase that many redeeming qualities, but as the Bachelorette, she has demonstrated that she is decisive and knows what she wants.

“I would describe her as someone who is true to herself, honest and someone who really grew as a woman,” Mills said of Brown as the Bachelorette. “You see her being really independent and owning who she is. She’s somebody who threw her whole heart into it and was really strong. If somebody came on that wasn’t there for the right reasons, she really handled it herself — she didn’t wait for Chris Harrison or producers to handle a situation for her. Everything she did was what she wanted to do, which was great, but also just fun and funny.”