‘The Bachelorette’: Did Hannah Break This Unsaid Kissing Rule on a Group Date?

The Bachelorette has many rules about what contestants can and can’t do when trying to get the star to fall for them. Some of those rules have been broken this season with random people crashing group dates they weren’t assigned to and Hannah Brown’s interviews.

Brown seems like she’s up to breaking a few rules herself. Did she break an unsaid kissing rule on a group date? Here is everything you need to know.

Wells Adams previously claimed there is a rule to not kiss the star in front of other people

Obviously things can be awkward with multiple people dating one person. There are a few ways to curb that through unsaid rules.

You’re not supposed to make out with the lead in front of everybody else. You’re going to make it weird for everybody else,” Wells Adams from Season 12 of The Bachelorette revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “I remember that was a thing we didn’t do on JoJo [Fletcher’sBachelorette] season; you wouldn’t be blatantly making out in front of everybody else. That’s why it’s ‘Can I steal you’…  to go talk or make out.”

Adams also claimed that producers sort of enforced this by telling him and other contestants to avoid kissing the star publicly when he was on the show.

This rule was previously broken by Demi Burnett and Colton Underwood

Some rules on the show have been broken. This wouldn’t be the first time the public kissing rule has been broken either.

Demi Burnett kissed Colton Underwood on a group date. The rest of the women were certainly not happy about it. Adams commented on the moment.

“So right when [Demi kissed Colton], I was like, ‘Oh! She did it in front of a crowd!'” said Adams. “I can understand why everyone got upset. But everyone’s a villain!”

The interesting thing is that Burnett returned to help Brown find love once again. However, it was Brown that broke the same rule this season.

Hannah kissed Peter on the modeling group date

Hannah Brown of The Bachelorette
Hannah Brown of The Bachelorette | Aaron Poole/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

All of the men were brought together to take pictures with animals for a group date in “Week 3.” Demi Burnett also made her return to spy on some of the guys.

One of the big moments on this group date was when Brown started taking pictures with pilot Peter Weber. The two were gazing into each other’s eyes while holding wine glasses. Eventually, Brown leaned in and kissed him and some of the other guys took notice.

Luke Parker seemingly watched the whole thing. He said, “She’s kissing other guys. It’s not an easy pill to swallow.” in his interview. Brown and Weber were seen kissing again and more guys notice including Garrett Powell.

It looked like the other guys took it in stride, but Parker was having a hard time hiding his jealousy. It’s been previously teased that Brown’s season of The Bachelorette will be physical. This might be a sign of what’s to come later this season and that Weber might be a strong contender.