‘The Bachelorette’: Did Mike Johnson Shade Tyler Cameron about Dating Gigi Hadid?

If you’re a part of Bachelor Nation at all, then you know the name Mike Johnson. He became a fan favorite almost instantly on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. His smile, his charm, his charisma…what more could Brown want in a man?

Apparently, a lot because she ended up choosing someone else and sending our beloved Johnson home. But the good thing about watching Johnson get his heart broken on national television was that it meant that we might get the chance to see him as the Bachelor.

Is Johnson in the running to be the Bachelor?

Since he was sent home, fans have been clamoring to get Johnson as the Bachelor.

“Also, Mike Johnson is the bachelor we’ve deserved for the past 6 seasons! ” one fan tweeted.


And even host Chris Harrison is looking at Johnson as a possible choice.

“Of course he’s a contender [for Bachelor],” Harrison told People. “How could he not be a contender with that smile? He’s one of my favorite people we’ve ever had on the show. He’s a love of a man. I don’t know him that well, and I consider him a really good friend.”

“He’s just a sweet guy,” he continued. “He gives the best hugs, the best smiles, and the best advice. He’s just a really good man and yeah, of course, he’s a contender.”

Is Tyler Cameron in the running to be the Bachelor?

Brown’s runner up, Tyler Cameron, was another contestant that everyone loved. His good looks paired with the fact that he seemed to genuinely care about Brown made him the perfect match for the former beauty queen in the eyes of fans. Since she didn’t choose him, Bachelor nation has been wondering if Cameron will take on the role of the Bachelor.

But Cameron’s recent outings with model Gigi Hadid may have taken him out of the running.

“If Tyler is bouncing around from girl to girl and loving the life and enjoying the limelight — which, by the way, good on him,” Harrison told  Entertainment Tonight . “That’s fine. If that’s what you want to do right now, I don’t blame him. He’s probably enjoying life really, really well — but that’s not someone we’re going to want to have as our Bachelor or Bachelorette. So, it’s about sincerity. It’s about where you are in your life. And if that’s where he is in his life, then he’s not the guy for us.”

How does Johnson feel about Hadid and Cameron?

Over the course of a season of The Bachelorette, the men typically get close to one another. They do spend most of their time together, after all. While on the show, Johnson and Cameron formed a relationship and they still talk now that filming has wrapped.

“Tyler is happy,” Johnson recently told ET of his friend. “Tyler is good.” 

When asked his take on the whole Hadid, Cameron relationship, he said that he and Cameron didn’t really talk about it much.

“She’s beautiful, she is,” he told the outlet of Hadid. “But what I talk to him about is, ‘Bro, what are you doing? Like, how are you getting your abs?'” he joked. “Literally, that’s what I talk to Tyler about.”