‘The Bachelorette’: Does Chris Harrison Know Who Hannah Brown Is with After the Show?

Hannah Brown of The Bachelorette has multiple men on her season who have sketchy pasts. Chris Harrison teases the end by talking about them. Find out what he said about Brown’s love life now and more.

There have been rumors around Jed Wyatt and Peter Weber

Jed Wyatt and Peter Weber have gone far this season and were fan favorites. That changed when people from their past came forward.

Haley Stevens claimed she used to date Jed Wyatt and was still in a relationship with him when he left to do the show. She even claimed she had texts from him when he was about to get on the plane to go to LA. However, when he was done filming The Bachelorette he didn’t get back in touch with her.

Recently a woman named Calee Lutes revealed that she dated Weber before the show. She claimed they were serious and talking about moving in together.

She said he then broke up with her two days before Christmas. “I didn’t understand why it was so urgent to end things so suddenly. I thought there was another girl, so I looked at his recent followers on Instagram, and noticed that a Bachelorette producer had recently followed him,” Lutes told Entertainment Tonight.

Both of these men are still being considered for the final rose. Brown has talked about how she feels after filming.

Hannah Brown said she learned a lot

The reality star had a rough ride trying to find love. We don’t know how things end but she did talk about what she took from the experience.

I am happy because I’ve learned so much about myself, my strength and my power in what I will and won’t allow in a relationship,” she told Us Weekly. “I am really blessed for this experience.”

There have been multiple heated discussions about sex before marriage because of Luke Parker. Some fans even turned against the star because of her stance, but Brown said she still feels supported.

“There’s a list of this family that understand and that have just been really supportive, and I appreciate that,” she said. “There’s always gonna be people who just don’t get it or don’t want to get it, and I really can’t focus on that, because I am working on bigger and better things than what people have to say about me. I think the slut-shaming and issues like that — that’s a whole bigger problem in itself. It’s not really directed at me, it’s just an issue that we need to address on a bigger level.”

Chris Harrison said he doesn’t know what Brown is up to now

Chris Harrison on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ | Paul Hebert/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The host seems pretty aware of the rumors about Wyatt and Weber. He doesn’t give away the ending to her season.

I really don’t know [if she ends up with a liar]. I don’t know. That remains to be seen,” Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. “We will find out and that’s part of the beauty of the live finale is I don’t know what’s going to happen. With Peter, with Tyler, with Jed, with all of them. I think there’s a lot of questions to be answered.”

Fans will have to wait and see what Brown’s love life is like after the show. Even the host doesn’t know the answer.