‘The Bachelorette’: Does Luke P. Go Too Far to Get More Time with Hannah Brown Next Week?

Hannah Brown and Luke P. (or Luke Parker) have a strong connection on The Bachelorette. That’s probably due to him finding ways to get more time with her.

However, it’s possible that he’ll do too much that it will push Brown away. Will he go too far next week? Here is everything we know so far.

Luke P. has sneakily gotten more time with Hannah Brown

Luke P. and Hannah Brown on "The Bachelorette"
Luke P. and Hannah Brown on “The Bachelorette” John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

It’s always part of the game for the men to find time with the bachelorette on the show. Sometimes that simply means interrupting a conversation and “stealing” the star away. They’re not always successful, which leads to drama.

Parker has sneakily gotten more time since the very beginning. In the first week, he approached Brown after she sent a man home early for having a girlfriend shortly before he went on the show. It worked and he got the first impression rose.

He did it again in the second episode by interrupting Brown’s interview. The episode ended with him sitting in her chair and having her sit on his lap. Brown seemed a little confused, but still happy to see him. However, it looks like she might confront him about his pushy ways next week.

A clip shows Parker saying he’s tired of waiting

Men already started bumping heads over getting time with Brown in the last episode. It looks that continues next week and Parker might ruin his chances.

A new clip shows Brown possibly confronting Parker saying “You’re cocky, I don’t like that!” We also see multiple clips of Parker being unhappy and a man is heard saying “Luke’s slowly self-imploding.” The drama ends with Parker saying “I’ve been waiting a long time and I’m tired of it.”

It’s unknown who he is talking to or what he was waiting for, but it’s possible that it’s to get time with Brown. One thing we know is that it’s the star that calls the shots. If Brown gets a sense that Parker is now trying to run the show that might hurt his chances.

There is a chance that Cam Ayala is the one who will get in trouble

Although there is a strong chance Parker might be at the center of next week’s drama, the clip also catches up with Cam Ayala. Last week, he also sneakily got more time by interrupting a group date he wasn’t invited to.

The clip shows that the guys are still not happy with Ayala either. One of them nicknames him “Calculated Cam.” We then see him in tears saying, “People are questioning my integrity.”

You can never know when it comes to editing of The Bachelorette promos. Brown could be talking to Parker like suggested on the screen but is actually talking to someone else like Ayala, who was confident enough to break the show’s rules as well. It would explain why he is in tears, but we will have to wait and see “Week 3” to get the answer.