‘The Bachelorette’: Does This Clip Prove it’s the End of the Road for Luke P?

Since night one, a lot of viewers have had their eyes on Luke Parker. And they aren’t the only ones who noticed him. Hannah Brown also thought Parker stood out from the crowd and gave him her first impression rose.

But while Brown may be looking at Parker with romantic interest, many viewers are paying attention to him for a very different reason. His villain-like ways.

It’s early in the season, but Parker is definitely already showing some of the tell-tale signs of a Bachelorette bad guy.

He’s already made it clear to multiple men that he is not there to make friends. And while there is nothing inherently wrong with that, it’s usually the motto of the villain of the season.

On top of that, he kissed Brown in front of all of the other contestants, which is a major Bachelor/ Bachelorette no-no.

While audiences have definitely been picking up on Parker’s behavior, it seemed like Brown was completely oblivious to it and falling head over heels for him. At least, until a new preview was released.

What happens in the preview?

In the preview, released by People, it looks like a few men might be in hot water, and Parker is one of them.

During the cocktail party, Brown is shown confronting Parker after he says that he is tired of waiting to talk to her.

“You’re cocky and I don’t like that,” she says.

And even other men start to notice the demise of Parker.

“Luke’s slowly self-imploding,” one contestant says.

But Parker isn’t the only one going down this week. Cam Ayala is also shown arguing with the other men in the clip.

“Calculated Cam has a hidden agenda,” one guy says before the camera cuts to a tearful Ayala.

“People are questioning my integrity,” Ayala says.

Is Parker the villain of the season?

Though Parker may have admitted to “starting to fall in love” with Brown on week two, that doesn’t mean that he isn’t a villain.

“I would say he’s the one that everyone is going to be talking about,” ABC’s reality chief, Rob Mills told Variety of Parker. “He’s the one who is called a ‘psychopath’ in the teaser. There are shades of Chad [Johnson] there. But I don’t want to call him a ‘villain,’ because I don’t know that we necessarily have villains anymore — there are a lot more shades of gray. Whether he’s in love with Hannah or not, he believes he’s in love with her, almost from the very beginning. So he’s not necessarily a bad guy, but he is a controversial guy.”

Did Brown know about Parker’s aggressive side?

The problem with villains on the show is that they usually are able to hide their bad sides from the lead. And according to Brown’s recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Parker did just that.

“I haven’t seen that before,” Brown said after watching a clip of Parker getting angry. “It’s going to be interesting for me to watch some of the things that happen because I only know what happens in the interactions with the men and based off what they say to me and what I feel with them. I don’t know what happens anywhere else. So, to see some of the things in the teaser, I’m like, ‘Oh… interesting.'”