‘The Bachelorette’: Fans Are Saying This Photo Hannah Brown Posted To Instagram Is Making Luke P.’s Head Explode

Though Bachelor Nation was skeptical when Hannah Brown was first announced to be The Bachelorette, she ended up being one of the most popular leads in franchise history. She stood up for herself, spoke her mind, navigated her way through a toxic relationship, and kept her head held high after her worst fear came true (a man who was there for the “wrong reasons” was awarded her final rose). 

By the end of her Bachelorette journey, Brown realized that though she would, indeed, like to get married someday, she in no way needs a man to feel valuable.

Hannah Brown | Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic
Hannah Brown | Phillip Faraone/FilmMagic

Recently, the former Bachelorette took to Instagram to post a photo of herself taking a bite out of a rose petal. She also happens to be wearing a shirt that shows a bit of underboob. 

Hannah Brown’s Instagram photo that’s inspiring some controversy 

“grabbing a quick bite,” she captioned the photo.   

Fans and friends immediately took to the comments section to show their enthusiastic support of the reality star’s fiery post. 

“HOT,” wrote Demi Lovato. 

“You are the cutest thing ever,” wrote another supporter. 

“UM YES HOLY…. straight up fire you lil thing !!!” commented another.  

“Lol demolish that rose,” wrote another commenter. 

“the slight underboob is just so well done here,” wrote another. 

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grabbing a quick bite.

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Some fans, of course, couldn’t help but bring up Gigi Hadid (since she’s been on a couple of recent dates with Brown’s runner-up, Tyler Cameron). 

“gigi hadid ain’t got NOTHIN on you,” wrote one fan. 

“Seriously Gigi who?!? And 200 billion times the personality, I’m sure!” wrote antoher. 

“Damn, girl! GIGI WHO!?” commented another. 

And other commenters couldn’t help but bring up Luke Parker from Brown’s season. Parker made himself known as the devoutly religious contestant who, ultimately, got sent home for trying to make sure Brown didn’t sleep with any other contestants. 

“Somewhere Luke P’s head just exploded Looking good,” commented one fan. 

“somewhere luke p is screaming “your body is a temple,”” commented another. 

“Luke P is losing his sh*t rn,” commented another. 

“This made luke p’s head literally turn all the way around lmao,” commented another fan. 

Hannah Brown is done being slut-shamed, remember?

During “Men Tell All,” Brown said that she’s done being slut-shamed. So for the haters commenting for Brown to “pick up [her] bible” in response to this photo–this one’s for you.   

“I will not put up with this because that’s not love, that’s not what the person I want to spend the rest of my life with’s ever gonna make me feel. I’m so over being slut-shamed and feeling like that makes me not a woman of faith because oh my gosh, I live my life and make mistakes and sin every single day and so do you, and so do you, and so do you, and so do you. That’s what grace is for. I’m also not gonna say that me having sex in a windmill was just like the scarlet letter on my chest. I’m not gonna stand here and feel that way. You’re not gonna make me feel that way,” she told Parker during “Men Tell All.”

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