‘The Bachelorette’: Fans Are So Frustrated With Hannah For Keeping Luke P. And Sending John Paul Jones Home

Last night’s episode of The Bachelorette wasn’t short on drama. After we were left with a cliffhanger at the end of the previous episode we picked right back up again in the middle of The Battle of The Lukes. Bachelor Nation had a sickening feeling that Luke P. was going to come out on top, and he did.

John Paul Jones John Paul Jonesing | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images
John Paul Jones John Paul Jonesing | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images

Luke S. decided to leave the show, seemingly because he couldn’t handle his character getting dragged through the mud any longer, and maybe because he knew Hannah was going to send him home anyway. As a result, one more rose left the table.

Hannah made her choices and ultimately decided to keep Luke P. and send Matteo and John Paul Jones packing.

“We have crazy chemistry but there are red flags,” she told the camera.

Bachelor Nation reacts to John Paul Jones getting sent home

Bach fans lost their minds on Twitter. How Luke P. could survive another week while John Paul Jones had to leave us too soon was mind-boggling to many viewers.

Fans were… upset… to say the least.

Some fans are wondering ‘what the heck is Hannah thinking?’

And some fans just think John Paul Jones deserved better.

Scotland wasn’t the same without John Paul Jones

After a tense toast given by Luke P. following the rose ceremony, the men and Hannah headed to Scotland. There, she had a fun, charming, sweet date with a very smiley Mike, and one incredibly weird one-on-one with Luke P., validating fans’ utter disappointment in Hannah’s decision to keep the Luke Ness Monster and send our golden quirky boy, John Paul Jones, home.

On Hannah’s date with Luke P., she begged him to have a normal conversation with her. She asked him to honestly talk to her about his feelings. He couldn’t do it and didn’t get the rose at the end of their date. He was, however, seen in the next week preview, so he sticks around somehow.

But you know who doesn’t stick around? John Paul Jones.  

JPJ fans are showing their support on Instagram

After the episode, fans immediately took to Instagram to support John Paul Jones.

Under this photo, the comments section is filled with well-wishes and sweet sentiments aimed at JPJ.

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Stay tuned…

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“That was bs, see you in Paradise jpj,” writes one commenter.

“You were the best one on there she is a FOOL for sending you home!!!!” writes another.

“how’d mr 30 & unemployed get a rose and not our man john paul jones?” asks another.

“Nothing but respect for MY president,” comments another fan.

“I just saw u get eliminated…. 1. R u okay 2. Hey,” comments another fan, seizing her opportunity.

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