‘The Bachelorette’: Fans Are Here For Peter The Pilot’s Hot Younger Brother

The Bachelorette’s Peter Weber has quite the fan club online. With his plane puns and sweet smile, he’s truly won the hearts of Bach fans. 

Peter Weber and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
Peter Weber and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

On a recent, steamy one-on-one sauna date with Hannah Brown, Weber impressed the Bachelorette and fans alike when he flexed his Spanish-speaking skills

Right after he told Brown he was falling for her, he shared some advice that’s been passed down from his grandmother to his mom to him (in Spanish!). 

“Essentially that means: Son, don’t worry, don’t fret, let the waters run. Let the river flow as it may because what’s for you and what’s meant for you will never be tarnished and will always be yours,” he explained. “In my mind, it’s just all coming together and it’s, like, this could be the reason why all that other stuff didn’t work out. This could be something super special between the two of us.”

Some Bach alums even think Weber should be the next Bachelor, if he doesn’t end up with Brown. 

“I think Peter is super cute. I think he would be a good Bachelor,” Cassie Randolph told ET.

Former Bachelor Colton Underwood agrees with his girlfriend. 

“I got my eyes on you, Peter. Let’s go with Peter because Cass thinks he’s really cute, so let’s get him off the market. […] I think Peter has to work on his moves. Did you see him try to pick [Hannah] up for that pool table thing? That wasn’t that smooth, but he can get there,” he said. 

Fans agree as well. 


Peter Weber’s younger brother

When the hometowns episode aired, another Weber caught Bachelorette fans’ eyes: Jack. As it turns out, Jack is also a pilot. According to his Instagram bio, he’s currently a certified flight instructor in Camarillo. 

After a lively German prayer, Jack took Brown aside to have a heart to heart. During their conversation, he described Peter as the romantic (obviously) and himself as the more pragmatic brother of the two. 

“Knowing Peter and growing up with him, I’m always the more pragmatic one and he’s more the hopeless romantic. So in his past relationships, he’s the type of person–when he’s gonna date he’s gonna go all in, fully committed. And when he gets all into you, it’s very hard for him to get out of that,” he told Brown, like a good, concerned little brother. 

Jack’s Instagram content heavily mirrors his brother’s (fun fact: Bella Thorne follows @JettinJack!). His page features lots of airplane shots, vacation shots, and photos that show him having a good time with the people he loves.   

As for his relationship status, he’s posted several photos of him posing romantically, cutely with the same girl, but their last photo was posted in 2017. So unless he’s in a new relationship he hasn’t posted yet about, it’s looking like Pilot Jack is single. 

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