‘The Bachelorette’: Some Fans Are Thrilled Clare Crawley Was Cast

ABC shocked fans of The Bachelorette on March 2 by announcing Clare Crawley as the new Bachelorette. The 38-year-old hairstylist first appeared as a contestant on The Bachelor in 2014, then the first two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, and she later appeared on The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018. After Crawley was announced as the new Bachelorette, fans expressed how excited they are to have someone older lead the show.

Clare Crawley
Clare Crawley | Paul Hebert/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Clare Crawley appeared on ‘Good Morning America’

The new Bachelorette was revealed on Good Morning America on March 2. On the morning show, Crawley discussed how she thinks her age gives her an advantage.

“A lot of people put it out there as this negative thing, but for me, it just is more years under my belt, more learning and knowing what I want, what I don’t want and what I won’t settle for,” she said.

While she is 38 years old, Crawley admitted she is young at heart.

“I have been known to date younger guys, so that’s not a problem for me. The thing is I’m wondering if they’re ready for me, for my age. I feel like that would be more of an issue, than me with them, because I feel so much younger at heart than my actual age,” she said. “I’m proud of my age, but I just feel younger and I feel like that to me is what’s important.” 

Nick Viall supports Clare Crawley on ‘The Bachelorette’

After the announcement, social media seemed filled with positive messages about Crawley starring on The Bachelorette. Nick Viall, whose season of The Bachelor premiered in 2017, shared his support for Crawley on Twitter.

“Picking @Clare_Crawley for the next #bachelorette is an excellent choice! 1) More believable with the times we are in. People are getting married later in life than ever before. 2) she as deserving as anyone 3) she doesn’t know how to be inauthentic or hold back 4) bold/beauty,” Nick Viall tweeted.

Some fans are happy about ‘The Bachelorette’ choice too

As with every casting announcement for the Bachelor franchise, opinions from fans are mixed. However, some fans are ecstatic that ABC cast an older Bachelorette. After Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, fans are hopeful Crawley will bring maturity to the franchise.

“I’m excited for an older bachelorette with older MEN!!!! We need this change of pace,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “So many people hating on Clare being the next #bachelorette, but I am SO excited for someone older. I feel like this season will be more about seriously finding someone to marry and hopefully less silly drama!”

“Cannot wait to watch Clare Crawley, a 38-year-old woman, star on #thebachelorette. In past seasons, a star’s average age has been 27, with only 2 women in their 30s,” writer Lisa Bonos tweeted.

“I am absolutely thrilled that Clare is the new bachelorette. I’ve loved her since Juan Pablo’s season and it’s time we get some grown folk back on this show,” a fan tweeted.