‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah B Says This Big Moment Was Edited on ‘The Bachelor’

Reality television has a reputation for being…well a little less than 100% accurate. And reality dating shows even less so. Whether it’s producers who whisper rumors in contestants ears or clips that are edited together to seem like something that they are not, you can bet that some of your favorite shows have at least a little bit of production magic sprinkled on them to make them more interesting.

One show that people are always wondering about is The Bachelor. Are the tears real? Is the romance real? Are the relationships real? Over the course of the show’s existence, people have gone back and forth asking these questions and never really received a solid answer.

But, the newest Bachelorette, Hannah Brown, may have given us the clue that we needed.

Was a scene of ‘The Bachelor’ edited?

Brown’s journey on The Bachelor wasn’t the easiest to watch. First, her feud with beauty queen Caelynn Miller-Keyes took center stage over her relationship with Bachelor, Colton Underwood.

Once she finally started having feelings for Underwood, she got the rug pulled out from underneath her in a shocking surprise elimination.

Right before Brown was sent home, Underwood’s mom asked her if she loved her son.

On the show, it seemed like Brown answered affirmatively, but according to her, it actually didn’t happen that way.

“That was editing,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I mean I go, ‘yes,'” she said nodding her head vigorously. “I mean I know I’m weird but not that weird.”

She claimed that the show made it look like she was in love with Underwood when she didn’t actually have those feelings yet.

“I had feelings of love with him and I wanted it to progress and I think I could have been [in love] but was definitely falling in love.”

Has ‘The Bachelor’ abused editing before?

This isn’t the first time the subject of editing has come up in regard to The Bachelor.

Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, a former associate producer on The Bachelor and the showrunner of UnREAL, revealed that she would keep editing in mind when interviewing the contestants on the show.

“It’s sort of like being a CIA interrogator,” Shapiro once told Cosmopolitan. “It’s this really weird skill set that’s not only manipulating people into performing how you need them to, it’s even just having an ear for syntax as people describe their experiences and editing in your head so you can build a first-person narration from people who aren’t narrators.”

But she did say that the show itself wasn’t scripted.

“We had a lot of standards and practices as to how to handle certain situations,” said Shapiro. “And I truthfully don’t actually know how that’s changed or evolved. But I think [producers] still don’t hand people scripts.”

Have others complained of editing issues?

Some contestants go through their seasons thinking they will be portrayed one way and then get a rude awakening when they watch the season back.

Sharleen Joynt from season 18 was one of those people.

“I was the classy opera singer,” she told The Cut. “I didn’t know that’s what I was going to be, but watching it, I was like, ‘Oh. I swear a lot,’ and they edited out almost every single swear word I said because it didn’t fit my persona.”

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