‘The Bachelorette’: Why Hannah Brown Should Get Another Season After the Luke P. Disaster

Season 15 showed Hannah Brown going through a rollercoaster of emotions on The Bachelorette. That’s mostly because of Luke P. or Luke Parker. We believe she deserves another season due to that disaster. Here are the reasons why we would love to see Brown get another shot at love on TV.

Hannah Brown would be fierce given the lessons she learned

Hannah Brown on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Mark Bourdillon/ABC via Getty Images

Brown started off on an awkward foot when she met her first few suitors on After the Final Rose. Some were worried that she wouldn’t be able to carry a whole season because of it.

However, as time went on she really found her voice. Sadly, that was probably because she was pushed to the edge by Parker. She had to establish boundaries with him multiple times before eventually sending him home for good.

If we get another season with the beauty queen then we will get that fierce star for an entire season. That could only lead to better decisions and moments.

Luke P. took too much of her spotlight

This season was referred to as “The Luke Show” by other contestants and fans. That’s because he got so much attention for his bad behavior.

Some of this comes naturally when there is a villain on the show. However, other times could have been easily avoided.

Brown first sent him home by not giving him a rose on their date. He later was allowed to return anyway and she ended up keeping him longer. This all happened again during Fantasy Suites when Parker was sent home after threatening to leave if she had sex with any of the other men. He was allowed to break the rules again by crashing the rose ceremony although she already made her decision.

The Bachelorette turned into his show because those behind the show didn’t really have her back and let him break the rules multiple times. Hopefully, with another season she won’t have to share the spotlight.

The other men on her season also weren’t vetted well

Parker might have gotten the most attention, but he wasn’t the only guy that made headlines this season. There were other men who probably shouldn’t have made it in the first place.

The very first episode showed Brown having to send a man named Scott home because he had a girlfriend, according to Demi Burnett. That wasn’t the only wasted spot.

Jed Wyatt was accused of having a girlfriend while applying for the show. She later claimed that he hoped it would help with his music career. He is one of the finalists this season. Another finalist, Peter Weber was accused of breaking up with his girlfriend because he was being considered for the show. Tyler Gwozdz was also mysteriously removed due to allegations about his past.

Another season could give an opportunity for more men to be found with better backgrounds.

She has created some of the most iconic moments on the show

Season 15 might have been a mess, but it led to some amazing moments. That’s because of how Brown stood up for herself through her words and actions.

One of those moments was Brown bravely admitted she had sex in a windmill when Parker tried to slut shame her. The show often hides what happens in the Fantasy Suites so it was a big reveal.

When Parker refused to leave the rose ceremony after being sent home she decided to move the rose stand herself to get away from it. It’s sad that things had to get to that point, but it showed that Brown can hold her own.

We can only imagine what else could happen with her having another season. Brown has grown during this season and many fans have grown to love her.