‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown Received Two Unsolicited Lewd Pictures From Men This Week

Hannah Brown has a had a rough couple of weeks. First, she had to relive the emotional conversation she had with Peter Weber about their feelings for each other and now she’s getting lewd photos from random numbers.

“Why can’t I have a non-traumatic Monday[?] I have gotten two willy-wiener pics from random numbers in the past week?! Nobody ever wants that. My eyes are burning,” she tweeted on January 20.

The fan response

While Brown has an army of faithful Bachelor Nation people behind her, she also has plenty of critics. Her tweet received a lot of support, but also some responses that suggested she “had it coming.” As so many Hannah-Brown-inspired hot topics often do, the tweet lead to a feminist discussion.

“Preach! No one men! No one!” one fan agreed with the former beauty pageant queen.

“Are men okay?” asked another.

Hannah Brown | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Beverly Center
Hannah Brown | Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Beverly Center

One Twitter user told Brown she should “get out of the limelight for a while.”

“You have been in the public way too much this year. People get tired of seeing you sometimes. Wish you well,” she wrote.

“Vicki you need to get off of Twitter for awhile. You have been tweeting too much hate this year. People get tired of hearing you sometimes. Wish you well,” one fan responded to the suggestion.

“That’s horrible!!! Lime light or not you DON’t deserve that,” wrote another fan.

Another Twitter user told Brown she’s bound to receive lewd photos from strangers because she’s spoken openly about her sex life on TV.

“Hannah I’m not saying this to hurt your feelings but just something to think about. When you were on the batchelorette, you had sex with some of the men and then went on to brag about it on public TV. When you do things like that — actions have consequences!” she tweeted.

“So if you speak publicly about consensual sex the warranted consequences are unsolicited lewd pics?” responded another fan.

Plenty of fans gave Brown suggestions on how to handle unsolicited photos from strangers.

“Find a random Willy-wiener pic and send it back to them,” wrote one fan.

“Respond with only the website of your sex crime unit in your city with the word: reported!! This will make them stop,” wrote another.

“Send them to each other That will traumatize both of them,” suggested another Twitter user.

“Just ask why they sent a picture of a baby carrot & then block them…and get a new phone number while you’re at it lol,” wrote another, who tweeted shortly after: “Also, my comment was supposed to be funny to make you laugh, but this is a form of harassment & no woman should have to go through this. Women should be able to feel safe on their phones without getting unwanted/unwarranted texts/phone calls/etc sent to them.”

Plenty more women responded to Brown letting her know they empathize, as it’s something they deal with all too often.

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