‘The Bachelorette’: There’s a Real Problem with Hannah Brown’s Approach to Finding Love

The Bachelorette star Hannah Brown is on a mission to find her husband. The only problem is, she seems to be going about it all wrong. The issue isn’t that she went on a reality TV show to find love. The issue is her approach to her relationships with the men in the house. Here’s the real problem with Brown’s approach and why it isn’t working out so well for her.

Hannah’s focus on a physical relationship is preventing her from getting to know the men on a deeper level

Hannah Brown | John Fleenor via Getty Images
Hannah Brown | John Fleenor via Getty Images

Brown complains the men don’t know anything about her. One obvious roadblock to that process is the fact that she’s getting physical with most of the men before a real relationship has developed. When most of the focus is on kissing and feeling each other up, there’s little room left for any real conversation.

When Brown broke down crying, saying no one really knew who she was, there was silence and looks of confusion. That’s likely because she’s been spending a lot of her time getting physical with the men. Although she said she’s looking for a real relationship, her actions might have conveyed a different message. Some of the men didn’t ask about her or attempt to start real conversations because there didn’t seem to be much of an incentive. It’s like eating a ton of junk food before dinner. You’re going to be so full of chips, cake, and cookies that dinner just won’t be as appealing. There’s nothing wrong with being sexual but offering the goodies too soon could sabotage a relationship.

Hannah is trying to make Luke Parker into the person she wants him to be

It’s no secret that Brown is really into Luke Parker. However, she likes him so much that she’s trying to turn him into the person she wants him to be. It doesn’t work that way. Parker showed her who she is, yet she is reluctant to accept it. In episode six, Brown admits Parker isn’t the person she wants, but in the same breath, she says she wants to get him to be who she thinks he is. “I don’t think there are any roads that lead to what I want… It took me literally raising my voice. I was so frustrated at you tonight, to get you to just be the thing that I think you are,” Brown told Parker during their date.

Hannah is emotionally distressed by Luke’s behavior, yet she seems to ignore her instincts

You shouldn’t rely solely on your emotions to make decisions about a life partner, but your feelings can serve as a useful, and sometimes lifesaving, guide. On many occasions, Brown said she is emotionally distressed by the drama surrounding Parker. Despite her distress, she continues to move forward with what appears to be a toxic relationship.

When choosing someone to marry, it’s important to pay attention to how his or her actions affect your mental and physical health. This is one big clue Brown seems to be pushing aside. “I almost had to scream in your face because I am going freaking crazy,” Brown told Parker during their one-on-one date. “And I’ve screamed about this, I’ve cried about this, and so today I was just empty,” said Brown. How many times does she have to scream and cry to realize something is really wrong here? We don’t know, but we hope she makes the right decision.

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