‘The Bachelorette’: Hannah Brown Tweets That She Went to Urgent Care While on a Hometown Date

Correction: This article previously said Hannah Brown’s hometown date in Georgia was with Jed Wyatt. It was in fact with Luke Parker.

Sometimes fans don’t get to see everything that went down on The Bachelorette. The good thing is that the stars sometimes let slip things that weren’t shown. Hannah Brown revealed that she went to urgent care while on a hometown date. Find out what she said and more.

Hannah Brown previously went to the hospital for getting sick on the show

Hannah Brown on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Getty Images/Noam Galai

The beauty queen had a rough journey on her season. That’s not just because one of her favorite men doesn’t get along with any of the other guys in the house. Or that her other favorite reportedly had a girlfriend while he applied for the show.

She also got sick, which changed some of her date plans in the past. Brown was rushed to the hospital where she got fluids and was tested. The star spent time on bed rest instead of going on a date with Connor Saeli (or Connor S.) He visited her in her room to spend time together.

I woke up and I just basically passed out,” Brown said according to Pop Culture. “And I went to the hospital and got pumped with some fluids. I’m feeling better, but it was not the date we were supposed to have.”

Saeli didn’t seem completely disappointed by their new plans. “What I’m excited about is to kind of comfort her and make her feel better,” he said. “I want to be there for each other through the ups and downs, and this is kind of a down moment for her. Hopefully, I can make her feel better.”

That wasn’t the end of her health problems for the season. However, her other situation wasn’t shown on TV.

Brown said she went to urgent care in Georgia

The reality star went to Georgia to meet Luke Parker’s family. There they went to his Sunday school. Later she was able to catch his family up on the drama between him and the rest of the men.

That wasn’t the only drama during the visit. Brown revealed on Twitter that she had another health emergency. She tweeted, “ughhhhh. I was on meds. I was sick. I went to the urgent care. I do not know the things I said while in georgia. #TheBachelorette.”

She previously talked about handling anxiety while filming

Brown talked about her mental health throughout the process of filming. She said sometimes she did show her emotions without fear.

Everybody has moments of sadness and anxiety — and you’ll see me deal with sadness and anxiety — and also being excited and happy and over the moon,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I have all emotions, and I’m not afraid to show those.” She said the lack of control made her anxious.

There are times when I get super anxious and want to be able to control all of the things going on around me,” she said. “But this journey has really allowed me to accept that I can’t control how people react to me, and I can’t always control how I react.”

Hometown dates were already hard without the health drama. Brown ended up keeping all of the men because she wasn’t ready to make a decision. Fans will have to see who she’ll cut lose next week.