‘The Bachelorette’: Here’s Jed Wyatt’s Dog Food Commercial

Part one of The Bachelorette finale aired last night and it was revealed that Jed Wyatt and Tyler Cameron are the final two contestants vying for Hannah Brown’s heart. Much of the episode focused on Wyatt’s career path. When he met Brown’s family, both her parents seemed to be wary of Wyatt’s dream of being a musician.  

Jed Wyatt | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images
Jed Wyatt | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

“Today is really important for me because I want to let Hannah’s family know how I feel about her and, most importantly, I just really want them to see that I genuinely and whole-heartedly care about their daughter,” he told the camera before meeting Brown’s family. 

Jed Wyatt’s conversation with Hannah Brown’s dad

Upon meeting the Browns, he echoed his intentions.   

“This week for me is just huge, especially meeting you guys, I’m very honored and i have the best intentions, the most pure intentions, on watching after her and loving her through everything,” he said. 

Brown’s father, Robert, cut right to the chase in his interactions with Wyatt.  

“All I wanted to know through my conversation through Jed was how he was gonna provide for her. I was just concerned that there was a difference between the two boys and that she needs to make who’s gonna be her best life partner,” he told the camera.  

“I gave up a lot of other opportunities in my life to go after my dream and I moved to Nashville for songwriting and I’m excited for that,” Wyatt told Robert when asked what his goals were. 

The jingle Jed Wyatt wrote for a dog food commercial 

Then Wyatt told Robert about his “first real breakthrough”–signing a deal with a dog food company. 

“My goal as far as finances and stuff go in the future–I just want to have as many facets of income and backup plans as I can so that not only I can support myself, a family someday. At this point, my most major accomplishment is that I signed a deal with a dog food company. I’ve already written like their jingle, and that’s been like my first real breakthrough, I was like Oh, this is like the start of something,” said Wyatt. 

Robert wasn’t so sure.  

“I’m just trying to look out for her because the no return policy does hold up. I consider marriage as a one time deal. Sometimes the financial situations are the problems and sometimes it’s other things. But it’s amazing how many times that is the main problem,” he responded. 

So where can you find this famous dog food jingle written by Jed? Right here

“You get home/You know who’s been waiting/Wagging by the door,” the jingle begins.

“Rain or shine kind of love/Like nothing you’ve seen before/Your dog really does deserve the best/Go pick ’em up some Better Bowl.”

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