The Bachelorette’: How Hannah Brown Felt About Tyler G’s Surprise Departure

Fans who watched Monday night’s episode of The Bachelorette may have noticed that we were down one guy.

There wasn’t much of an explanation given for why Tyler Gwozdzhad to make such an abrupt exit from the show.

Hannah Brown just casually said that he had to leave and that she was upset by it because she really enjoyed her date with him.

Other than that, viewers were left to wonder what happened and why Gwozdz got sent home.

Did the men know Gwozdz was going home?

Apparently, the rest of the house was just as shocked as viewers by Gwozdz’s exit.

Contestant Cam Ayala told Entertainment Tonight’s Lauren Zima that the rest of the contestants weren’t given much notice of Gwozdz’s departure either.

“It was kind of surprising to all of us,” he said.

According to Ayala, the guys only found out that Gwozdz was leaving when they went to take pictures on group photoshoot day.

“We were all by the pool, having a regular conversation, and next thing I know, Tyler’s gone.”

The only explanation that they were given was that Gwozdz wasn’t a good match for the lead.

“We can’t really talk about this, but it’s in the best interest for Hannah and for Tyler for him to no longer be here,” he said that the producers told the men.

Ayala also said that Brown never really talked about the exit with the men, either.

“It’s been limited information that they gave us in regards to Tyler’s departure… It was definitely a shock for all of us because he got the first rose from the first one-on-one date,” Ayala said. “It was a shock for everyone in the house.”

How did Brown feel about his exit?

Though Brown didn’t get to continue her journey to romance with Gwozdz, she did enjoy the time that she was able to spend with him while he was there.

“I feel like he was a really good first date for me because, obviously, my first dates don’t always go that well,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “[Tyler] was just really calming and nurturing for me to feel confident going into these one-on-ones, because that’s a long time with a person with a very intimate… well… as intimate as you can get.” 

Why did Gwozdz get sent home?

Since the episode aired, everyone has been wondering what exactly happened with Gwozdz. ABC hasn’t officially commented on the incident, but fans think that this Reddit thread may have been the catalyst.

On the thread, a user said that she knew Gwozdz from high school and that he was extremely misogynistic.

“The story that most caught my attention involves his treatment of an ex,” the user wrote. “Apparently, he dated a really sweet girl, but they would get in public screaming matches often. The relationship ended horrifically. While in Europe, he SPIT ON HER and left.”

If those allegations check out, then it’s no wonder the producers of the show would want to remove him before the incident became public knowledge or Brown ended up choosing a guy who likes to treat women so poorly.