‘The Bachelorette’: How Hannah Brown Will Get Paid For Years to Come

Landing herself as The Bachelorette is probably the best thing to happen to Hannah Brown. Fans love her so much, that networks are stepping all over themselves trying to book her for another reality show. And more TV gigs means more money. But that’s not all, she has tons of opportunities open to her at this point. Here’s how Brown has her income made for years to come. 

Hannah Brown is an Instagram star

Hannah Brown
Hannah Brown | Ed Herrera/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

As The Bachelorette, especially a super popular one, it’s a given that her Instagram following has jumped to huge numbers. And that means big money with sponsored posts. According to Mediakix, a digital influencer expert, reality stars with a large social media following, can make up to $1.33 million every year with sponsored Instagram posts. 

Brown has over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, so she definitely fits into the category of top reality stars on Instagram. Even if she never works again, Brown can still make megabucks on Instagram. Talk about a good deal. 

The 2015 Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe, said she started to receive Instagram promotion offers as soon as she left the show. “Overnight you have this huge following,” Kaitlyn told The Cut. “So all these brands are like, ‘Here, do you want to work with us?’ So you get offers to do the Flat Tummy Tea and the teeth whitening and all that. For somebody who has worked a regular job before, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re going to pay me to do that? Glorious.'”

Hannah Brown can still do other reality shows

After someone does one reality show, if they’re liked by fans — which Brown totally is — they often get asked to do more reality shows. Like Dancing With the Stars, which can earn participants big money. According to Gawker, just for signing up and appearing in the first two episodes, Dancing With the Stars pays $125,000. The next two episodes can earn participants another $10,000 each. If they make it to the next two episodes, they get $20,000, and the pay goes up to $10,000 for every two episodes they can survive. 

The earning potential on Dancing With the Stars obviously depends on how long someone is able to last, before being kicked off. But a participant that makes it to the very end, could make up to $345,000. 

There are lots more reality shows that could offer to cast Brown as well. The TV world is almost spilling over with reality shows, so there’s certainly no shortage. There’s always the potential that she could get a show based on her life, especially if she becomes a newlywed. Speaking of marriage…

Hannah Brown could broadcast her wedding

If Brown decides to follow through with her engagement, she could make a bunch of money by broadcasting her wedding. This is a fairly common tactic with reality stars, and it always pays off- because people love weddings! 

The Bachelor alumni, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, reportedly made six figures for tying the knot on live TV, as did Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum. 

Mega reality stars, like Kim Kardashian, can make even more. When she broadcasted her wedding to Kris Humphries, Kardashian made a total of $17.9 million, including  $2.5 million dollar photo deal with People magazine. 

Brown isn’t quite as popular as Kardashian, but she does have a big following. While she may not make as much, it just goes to show the possibilities that a star can make by letting the public into their personal life. 

And then there are the shows that come after the wedding, like Marriage Boot Camp. Lowe and Giudici decided to go that route, even though they weren’t really having marriage problems. Lowe said in a blog post: “I’ll admit it: I did it for the money.”

Which brings us to another point: blogging. The world of internet journaling can bring in the cash. The possibilities for Brown to continue making money are literally endless, and limited only to her imagination. But, we don’t think she’s going to have any problems in that regard.