‘The Bachelorette’: How Jed Wyatt Really Feels About Chris Harrison–’All He Cares About Is the Show’

There’s a new Bachelor show on the horizon especially for musicians to fall in love. It’s called The Bachelor: Listen to Your Heart.

The show is “an attempt to capture what we all know, that love and emotion and music are inexplicably intertwined,” ABC entertainment president Karey Burke said during TCA, reports Us Weekly.

Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images
Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images

The goal is for contestants to “form attractions through the melodies, find and reveal their feelings and ultimately, fall in love,” according to the press release. “The couples whose performances reveal their love and devotion to one another will continue to be given a chance to further their relationships until only one couple is left standing.”

Last month, Bachelor host Chris Harrison spoke to Us Weekly about how he thinks Wyatt should compete on the spinoff.

“I think he needs a chance to maybe redeem himself, musically and emotionally. I think he bombed on both,” he said. “It was a tragic ending to his story on so many levels.”

Jed Wyatt’s response

The publication recently interviewed the winner of Hannah Brown’s season about his reaction to Harrison’s comment. Wyatt says he’s surprised Harrison “has any sympathy at all for [him].”

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“I’m honestly shocked that Chris has any sympathy at all for me redeeming myself in any sense because he came backstage before I went on the finale and sort of, you know, tried to talk me up and build me up and give me confidence,” he said. “Then he went out to, kind of, tear me down so, for one, I’m shocked to hear that he has any sympathy for me. That just really kind of blows me away — that he cares at all. I mean judging Chris by who he is, all he cares about is the show. That’s who pays him.”

Jed Wyatt’s new girlfriend

Even if his relationship with Harrison was better, Wyatt says he wouldn’t participate in Listen to Your Heart.

“I think the new show’s a great idea and concept but I wouldn’t have gone on the show in the first place if I had a girlfriend and I’m not going to go now because I actually do have a girlfriend,” he said. “I’m in love. I would never compromise that.”

Wyatt was first seen with model Ellen Decker in October. He received a lot of flak from fans of the show for moving on quickly from Brown.

“She has brought a whole new level of inspiration into my life. I’ve just never met anyone like her. It just kind of opened the door for a lot of new feelings and emotions in my music that’ll come out in the future, I’m sure,” he told the publication. “The communication, the love, it’s everything that I’ve ever wanted.”

He added: “I’m very happy in my relationship, and I’m not looking to do another TV show at all.”

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