‘The Bachelorette’: How Much Money Will Hannah B. Make?

Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor was full of more twists and turns we ever thought possible, especially when the star went totally off-script to chase after his true love. We know Colton famously jumped the fence for Cassie Randolph, and of course, he left quite a few women heartbroken in his wake. In addition to Hannah G. and Tayshia, the runner-ups who couldn’t win him over, Hannah Brown also left in tears as Colton surprisingly sent her home after she met his family.

Now, Hannah B.’s back and ready for love. She may be young (the youngest Bachelorette ever at 24), but she’s made it clear that she’s anticipating marriage. Since she’s now the lead of the show, it seems in addition to potentially finding love, she’ll also be awarded a hefty paycheck. Here’s how much we suspect she’ll earn.

Hannah was an interior designer and pageant queen before The Bachelor

Hannah’s made it clear she’s way more multifaceted than many make her out to be with her promotional video for The Bachelorette. Even so, we remember her best as the beauty queen from the south who tried to capture Colton’s heart with her charm. Hannah was Miss Alabama in the past, and while many women put more money into pageantry than they earn, that doesn’t seem to be the case here. According to AL.com, Miss Alabama can earn “up to $100,000 in scholarships” via the Miss Alabama organization. And while Hannah didn’t win Miss America, she still competed — which, according to Bustle, means she also likely won thousands in scholarships.

The pageant world aside, Hannah also was reportedly working in interior design for awhile while she was 23, The Tuscaloosa News notes. And Money reminds us that sort of salary comes in around $51,000 per year.

She might make a ton of money starring as The Bachelorette, too

Chris Harrison and Hannah Brown
Chris Harrison and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/Getty Images

It seems Hannah was doing quite well for herself in the beauty world, but it looks like she may also be slated to make quite a lot during her stint on The Bachelorette, too. According to Bachelor Nation by Amy Kaufman, the leads of the show will typically receive a paycheck typical of what they would get as a salary if they were working, Money notes. The publication also added that while the second Bachelorette contestant said she only took home around $10,000 Kaufman noted it’s much more likely for the leads now to take home up to six figures.

Hannah might be making serious money if her pageant winnings are considered when figuring out her paycheck for the show. Unfortunately, when she was just a contestant, she wasn’t nearly as lucky. Money notes Kaufman said in her book that contestants are to bring all of their own clothes, and that includes formal wear. And the women have spoken out about how much they paid for other expenses to look good for the show, like fake eyelashes and makeup, too.

There is good news for the losing contestants who make it to Bachelor in Paradise, though. Here, they’re allegedly paid for their appearance on the show.

Hannah also gets tons of free perks, paycheck aside

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Not only will Hannah get paid just to lead the show, but Yahoo notes she also gets all of her clothing paid for. Cary Fetman, the stylist for the show, revealed how much she’s spent to style the leads on the show in the past, and it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars (fans certainly can’t forget the $22,000 gown Becca Kufrin wore on limo night).

After all is said and done, even if Hannah doesn’t walk away from the experience engaged, she’ll certainly leave the show with a hefty social media following, which also comes with plenty of money. If she chooses, she’ll surely be able to be an Instagram influencer and post ads for thousands of dollars, too.

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