‘The Bachelorette’: How Tyler C.’s Family Is Handling His Newfound Fame

Tyler Cameron’s life is pretty different post-Bachelorette. Thanks to his modeling career and new flame, Gigi Hadid, his fame’s already reached much further than The Bachelorette audience.

Tyler Cameron | John Fredrickson/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images
Tyler Cameron | John Fredrickson/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

In an interview with the Bachelor Party podcast, Cameron described the moment he realized his life had changed.

“I think it’s when I got to the city–I was in Jupiter for like four weeks after the show, I just needed to decompress, get back around my people, my family. I had to lick my wounds a little bit. So I move to the city and just walking around, people come up for photos, and then I started those group runs and how many people came out,” he said.

How Tyler C.’s family feels about his rise to stardom

But not just Cameron’s life has changed, his families’ lives have changed as well. The model and reality star says they’re “having a lot of fun” experiencing it all.

“It’s exciting for them. My mom is loven’ it. She’s a wild one, she’s fun. She gets all caught up in all the comments and stuff like that. I’m like ‘mom, don’t give the negative stuff energy.’ So ya’ll be good to my mom, alright?” he said.

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Cameron says he’s especially thankful for the hometowns episode that featured his family.

“That’s a moment I’ll always cherish and super grateful for. I had a professor for this film class I was in and he talked about, everyone should sit down with their family, their parents, and do a thirty minute or hour recording and just ask them questions. Ask them about their life. Just something you can always have and look at. Now that I have those times documented with my dad I’ll forever have that. That’s probably the thing I’m most thankful for from the show,” he said.

How Tyler C.’s dad is doing now

As the show’s fans are sure to remember, Cameron almost didn’t participate in Brown’s season of The Bachelorette because his father had fallen ill.

During his Bachelor Party interview, Cameron said his father is currently doing “really, really well.”

“He just got out of the hospital. He’s feeling better than he has in a long time. They did some procedures on him and he’s really excited. He’s losing weight and he’s doing the right things, he’s making the right steps forward and hopefully he can stay on that path,” he said.  

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