‘The Bachelorette’: Is Hannah B Finally Starting to See Red Flags with Luke P.?

Season 15 of The Bachelorette is well underway and the deeper we get into the season, the more it becomes clear that a few of Hannah Brown’s guys may have some screws loose.

Luke Parker is definitely one of them. After telling Brown that he was starting to fall in love with her on week two, people started to doubt both Parker’s sincerity and his sanity. And this week, he just kept showing his crazy.

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Brown gets sick

This week, Brown had to cancel the date that she had planned with Connor Saeli.

“Connor, I’m so sorry but I have to cancel my plans for our date today,” Brown wrote in a note to Saeli. “I’m not feeling 100 percent. Please come over to my hotel suite to keep me company. Love, Hannah.”

When Saeli went to see Brown, he learned that she was more than a bit under the weather.

Brown revealed that she had had to be taken to the hospital after passing out and was pumped with fluids.

Parker starts to lose it

When Saeli got back to the mansion, he told the other men how sick Brown had been.

Parker immediately berated Saeli with a number of questions.

“What are her symptoms?” he asked. “Was she coughing? What was she wearing?”

Later, Parker was invited to go on a group date where his aggression became even more apparent.

How does Brown feel about Parker?

Throughout the season, Brown has found Parker’s overt displays of affection endearing, but it seems like she is finally catching on to the fact that Parker might not be the best guy for her.

“Luke P. stole the show again but in a negative way,” Brown said on the date. “I know he’s one of my strongest connections, but it’s annoying when he tries to flaunt our connection in front of the guys. There have been just some little red flags about how he carries himself that bothers me a little bit. It’s like this fine line of: I really think it’s attractive to it’s the most unattractive thing that I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Brown confronts Parker

Not one to just sit on her feelings, Brown went and confronted Parker about what she was thinking.

“I’ve been struggling a little bit with it because I feel like you already think that it’s promised to you and that bothers me a lot,” she told him. “And like, I feel like your confidence in this kind of makes me irritated in a way. … I want you to like focus on me and you do that, but you also don’t respect that I do have other relationships here for me and that bothers me. I like confidence but it’s like cocky in a way. I don’t like that at all. I want it to change.”

Instead of taking what Brown said to heart, Parker continued to try to dominate the house and hog Brown’s time.

“I promise I’m going to talk you again but I don’t want to do this right now,” Brown eventually had to tell him when he tried to interrupt her conversation with someone else. “Let me talk to everybody, but like I want to call my own shots, okay? I want to call my own shots. I said I was going to talk to you and I will talk to you again.”

Though Parker ended up making it through the rose ceremony, it’s clear that he’s not on the best of terms with Brown anymore.