The Bachelorette’: Is Hannah B in the Running to Be the Star of the Show?”

Is Colton Underwood down to two girls or three? After last night’s episode of The Bachelor, it’s hard to tell. Either way, one thing is for sure, The Bachelorette is around the corner.

Is it too early to start thinking about the next installment in The Bachelor franchise? Never.

So, who will be the next leading lady? There are a number of great options. It could be Caelynn Miller-Keyes, the pageant queen who overcame extreme trauma, or Heather Martin, the pretty blonde who up until Underwood, had never been kissed. The possibilities for next season are endless.

But, we have a strong inclination that the producers might be going in another direction. And by strong inclination, we mean Reality Steve revealed who the next Bachelorette will be.

“Obviously it’s possible things can still change last minute, but I don’t expect that to happen this time,” Steve tweeted yesterday. “Announcement will officially be made on the ATFR [After the Final Rose] next week, but I can report Hannah B. is gonna be your next “Bachelorette.”

Warner Brothers and ABC have yet to comment on whether Steve is correct or not but if you have been following the franchise for any amount of time then you know that two things are true of the series.

  1. There will be tears
  2. Reality Steve is almost always right.

Does Hannah Brown want to be the Bachelorette?

On Friday, the women from Underwood’s season came together to film “The Women Tell All” episode. While there, Brown spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how she grew throughout the show.

“I did evolve so much as a person on the show,” she told the outlet. “I came in so terrified of what this thing was and if I wanted to be vulnerable with producers, with the girls, with Colton. And then by the end of it, I laid it all out on the table. I freaking roared. I also was genuine about how I felt. I truly did want the end of it to be me and it wasn’t, but I still stayed true to myself and allowed everybody to kind of see every part of me, the good and the bad.”

She went on to say that she felt like being the Bachelorette would allow her to continue that growth.

“I would love to have the opportunity to continue on shedding that layer of just trying to be whatever I think people want me to be and just being myself,” she said. “I think I really believe in this process and I do think you can fall in love here and be in love and find your person. So, if it could be me, that would be great. I’m really sincere about it.”

“I think it’d be damn entertaining,” she continued. “I can guarantee that.”

Brown was sent home just before the hometown dates after going on a shocking one on one date where she met the former football player’s parents.

Though Reality Steve projects that Brown will be giving out the rose pins in a few months, this season isn’t over and depending on how Underwood’s journey to find love ends, we could see the future roster be shaken up a bit.

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