‘The Bachelorette’: Is Hannah B.’s Dad a Backstreet Boy?

We’ve just begun Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette and fans are beginning to warm up to the idea of having a quirky southern gal who maybe sometimes trips over her words as the star of the show.

The first episode of Hannah B.’s season wasn’t too bad at all. If she didn’t repeatedly tell Chris Harrison that she was nervous, you almost wouldn’t have been able to tell. She came off mostly poised and in control. She even stood up for herself when she found out that one of her contestants came on the show with a girlfriend. The preview shown at the end of the first episode showed Hannah B. making strong connections, processing emotional turmoil, and continuing to stand up for herself. It was reassuring to see.  

Hannah Brown | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images
Hannah Brown | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

But before she began her Bachelorette journey, Chris Harrison did something he’s never done before: he went on a hometown date with Hannah B.

Chris Harrison was welcomed into Hannah B.’s home by the star herself (barefoot), and her mother. As Hannah B. finished getting ready, Chris Harrison took the opportunity to poke around.

Is Hannah B.’s dad a Backstreet Boy?

One of the first things he did was flip through an old photo album. One picture showed a young Hannah B. with her dad who shares a striking resemblance to none other than Backstreet Boy Joey Fatone.    

“Holy Cow. That’s Joey Fatone. I did not know her dad was a Backstreet Boy,” Chris Harrison reacted.

Since the episode aired, some fans were genuinely confused as to whether Hannah B.’s dad was a Backstreet Boy.

To be clear: Hannah Brown’s dad is not Joey Fatone, and he is not a Backstreet Boy. Back in the day, he did look a lot like him, though.

Hannah Brown takes Chris Harrison on a hometown date in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Hannah B. spent the rest of her time with Chris Harrison in Tuscaloosa showing him around her old stomping grounds. They ate at Rama Jama’s, home of The Rama Jama Burger, which is right in between the football field and the Southern Baptist church Hannah B. grew up going to.

They visited several of Hannah B.’s friends and family around town; she seemed to be well-known and very loved.

“I think Tuscaloosa is a great place to grow up. Everybody is in some way connected so it’s like everybody’s a big family. I feel like people are rallying around me and believing in me. It feels really good,” said Hannah B. “The love from my hometown is so incredible and really the best way to start this journey.”

The last stop Chris and Hannah made was to Joey Fatone–er, Hannah’s dad’s barbershop. Hannah B. told Chris on the way there that she looks up to her dad because he grew up “really poor” and “lived in his car,” until he walked into a barber shop one day and asked for a job.

Hannah’s dad gave Chris a trim while he told him a little bit more about his daughter.

“She can be stubborn. She does what she wants. And that’s the reason she hasn’t met the right man yet,” he said.

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