‘The Bachelorette’: Is Jed Wyatt Still A Fan Favorite Despite Him Having A Girlfriend Before Coming On The Show?

This season of The Bachelorette has its fair share of unfit suiters (i.e. Luke P.) but it also has a good number of men who have a shot at winning Hannah Brown’s heart in the end.

One of the front-runners is Jed Wyatt.

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown
Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

The Nashville native stole Bachelor Nation’s hearts with his southern charm and the fact that he is an aspiring musician who is willing to put his career on hold for love.

Though many of us were rooting for him in the beginning, we have lost all respect for Jed after learning he had a girlfriend before coming on the show.

Jed’s ex-girlfriend recently dropped the major bombshell

During the first episode of this season of The Bachelorette, we couldn’t believe it when Hannah found out the contestant, Scott, had a girlfriend back home.

After calling him out on it, Hannah made it clear that she only wanted men on the show who were going to be real with her and we thought Scott would be the only man to do something like this.

That turned out not to be true.

Front-runner and swoon-worthy musician, Jed Wyatt, was stealing our hearts week by week, but he is now in the hot-seat after it was revealed that he came on the show with a girlfriend.

Haley Stevens, a fellow Nashville-based musician, recently told PEOPLE that she was dating Jed right before he left to be on The Bachelorette.

“We spent the night together the night before he headed to L.A.,” Stevens shared. “He told me [the show] was just an obstacle and we’d be stronger on the other side because of it.”

According to Stevens, Jed had applied to be on the show before he met her and was only doing it to further his career as a musician.

“He told me [early on] that he had applied,” she explained. “He said, ‘It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a huge opportunity. I’m only doing this for my music.’ He only did it for his career.”

She continued, “He wanted a platform. He kept telling me, ‘I don’t want my dad to have to help me pay rent anymore.’ He said he only wanted to be top five … to be a major player so that it would be beneficial.”

Jed Wyatt has shown that he knows how to play his cards right in a competition and is currently a top contender for Hannah’s heart, but hopefully not for long.

Jed is currently being dragged on Twitter

Bachelor Nation was in complete and utter shock after learning of this unexpected bombshell.

Since many of us thought Jed Wyatt was on the show to fall in love with Hannah, we know now that that is not the case and we’re ready to see him get eliminated.

In our eyes, the lowest thing a contestant could possibly do is come on the show knowing good and well they have a significant other back home.

With us now seeing Jed in a completely different light, fans have been taking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the situation.

Jed Wyatt is obviously no longer a fan favorite and his lies have a good chance of coming to light before the finale.

As for his girlfriend back home, Haley Stevens, though she is hurt by Jed’s behavior, she isn’t too sure how things will turn between them if he does make it to the top.

“Everything in me wants to believe that he meant everything he said and got caught up in [the show],” she says. “I don’t believe he’s a terrible person, but it’s a terrible situation. And part of me thinks I was the backup plan and he wanted me to be here in case it didn’t work out. I feel 100% betrayed.”