‘The Bachelorette’: Is Noah Erb’s Recent Photo a Hint to How Things Play Out With Tayshia Adams?

The newer contestants of The Bachelorette are bringing the competition. Noah Erb is one of them and Tayshia Adams encouraged him to make a big change. The travel nurse recently posted a photo on Instagram that might be a hint to how things played out between them.

Tayshia Adams had Noah Erb shave on ‘The Bachelorette’

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Noah was one of the new contestants added later in the season when Adams took over the show. He stood out from the other men because he had a mustache, but the other men weren’t fans of it.

It turns out Adams wasn’t a fan of it either. She told him she liked him but wasn’t into the facial hair.

“Tayshia asked me to cut away a huge part of my life because she asked me to shave my mustache,” he said. “Instantly him and I took an ego beat because I thought she loved it. I think I might look funny without it but mine and her relationship was more important than mine and my secret power’s relationship really.”

Noah took this request very seriously. He brought Adams his razor and had her shave it for him.

“Actually you look really good. You’re kinda hot,” she told him once she was done. They then kissed and she said it was much better kissing him without it.

He posted a photo revealing new facial hair

Noah Erb and Tayshia Adams on 'The Bachelorette'
Noah Erb and Tayshia Adams on ‘The Bachelorette’ | Craig Sjodin via Getty Images

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Noah posted a picture on Instagram three weeks ago of himself in scrubs. He is rocking a full beard as he shows off his scrubs. The former contestant captioned the picture with “This is No Costume..Merry spooky SZN boos.”

Adams made it known that she wasn’t a fan of his mustache. She found him really hot with no facial hair at all. So if the nurse grew out his facial hair again this could be a sign that he didn’t win the season.

But there is the slight chance that he did win and maybe Adams is more into a full beard than just a mustache. It’s just a theory, but time will tell how far Noah will go this season.

He stirred up some trouble on the show

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The other contestants haven’t been fans of Noah. The last episode showed him in a heated exchange with Bennett Jordan. Noah then told Adams that the other men thought she gave him the rose only to “shake things up.”

This offended her so she had some strong words for the men. “It’s been brought to my attention that my integrity is being questioned and that you guys think that my decision making might not be intentional and I’m giving out roses just to start drama in the house,” she said.

“Since the day that I got here, I made it very clear that I’m going to be very intentional with what I do,” she continued. “I’m gonna be my honest and true self and being vulnerable. So if you guys think that I’m just trying to start drama in the house for no reason because I simply have a connection with some people y’all need to grow up.”

The men in the house weren’t happy with Noah after that. Time will tell if he’ll be able to stay on Adams’ good side this season.