‘The Bachelorette’: Did Jed Wyatt Just Acknowledge The Cheating Rumors With This Instagram Post?

Bachelorette contestant Jed Wyatt has been making headlines in recent weeks after his alleged ex-girlfriend, Haley Stevens, came forward saying he went on the show while the two were still together.

“We spent the night together the night before he headed to L.A.,” Stevens told People. “He told me [the show] was just an obstacle and we’d be stronger on the other side because of it.”

Jed Wyatt and Hannah Brown | John Fleenor/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images

According to Stevens, the two had been together for four months before he left for Los Angeles to film The Bachelorette. They had met each other’s families and had recently taken a romantic vacation together to the Bahamas where they said “I love you” for the first time. 

Since the two first began dating, Wyatt was upfront about his having applied to be on the show. 

“He said, ‘It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s a huge opportunity. I’m only doing this for my music.’ He only did it for his career,” she told People. 

Then, about a week later, it came out that Wyatt allegedly cheated on Stevens with another woman just before the two went to the Bahamas.  

Jed Wyatt has remained silent on the cheating rumors until this Instagram post

Wyatt hasn’t addressed Stevens’ accusations since he’s sworn to silence thanks to his Bachelorette contract. But, earlier this week, he posted a couple of photos to Instagram of him and Hannah Brown on a recent date abroad. 

“Hands down one of the best days I’ve ever had. Time stopped. Also, @alabamahannah is the strongest in a lot of ways (especially arm wrestling). Let’s focus on that and spreading actual love,” he captioned the post. The key words being: “let’s focus on that.” As in, let’s focus on that and not my cheating scandal.

Recently, Wyatt’s Instagram comments have been filled with Bachelorette fans calling him out for coming on the show with a girlfriend. 

“You should have less girlfriends and more jackets,” wrote one commenter on the post. 

“Are we still going to ignore the [elephant emoji],” commented another. 

“well well well jed u kinda screwed that up my dude,” wrote another. 

“Excuse me sir we know what’s really going on,” commented another. 

But, amidst all the negative comments, there are a few Wyatt fans standing up for the Nashville musician. 

“I really dont understand all of you that are hating on him with no concrete evidence. It’s a he said she said situation right now AND HE HASNT SAID HIS SIDE. Jed is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Instead people are mad about a STORY coming out. Keep in mind he’s also a contestant on a show where a girl is dating 30 guys at a time,” wrote one fan. 

Wyatt can’t address the scandal right now, but perhaps this post was his way of addressing the drama in the small way he can. 

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