‘The Bachelorette’: Jed Wyatt Might Have Shot Himself In The Foot By Dragging Luke P. After Hometowns

Of all of the hometown dates shown last night on The Bachelorette, Jed Wyatt’s was, surprisingly, the most dramatic. Luke Parker’s family gathering with Brown felt tame compared to what the Bachelorette endured in Nashville. 

Hannah Brown and Jed Wyatt | Mark Bourdillon via Getty Images

Luke P.’s successful hometown date 

Parker’s hometown date with Brown actually went really well. 

“It was great to see him being affirmed by other people. It was nice also for me to be affirmed in the good that I see in Luke. It was a nice change to just see people rally around him and support him because I’ve not heard a lot of that,” Brown told the camera. “Today was a really good day. I feel like Luke and I need to continue the momentum.”

When she met Parker’s family, Brown didn’t beat around the bush. She voiced her concerns about the contestant right away. The conversations she had seemed to ease her mind. 

Before the episode was over, she was telling the camera that she was falling in love with the first impression rose winner. 

“Luke told me he loved me. It felt really good. Made my heart do flutteries,” she told the camera. “I’m feeling like I’ve fallen in love with him–I’m falling in love with him.” 

Jed Wyatt’s uncomfortable hometown date

Wyatt’s family, contrarily, did not welcome Brown with open arms. 

She had two pretty uncomfortable conversations with Wyatt’s mother, Gina, and sister, Lily. 

Gina told Brown that she knew Jed was “just another guy” to her, and that she probably says “I love you” to “all of them.”  

When Brown asked Gina if she thought Jed was ready to get engaged she replied:

“I wouldn’t have felt that way before just because he’s a musician. You don’t get a diploma to be a musician. So Jed’s had to have jobs and try to create time and space to do his music. It’s his heart and it’s his soul so–he couldn’t go to work full-time and do music. So his path is different, it’s very different.”

Her answer made Brown uneasy. 

When Brown spoke to Lily, Jed’s sister told her that she’s not sure her brother loving Brown is “a good thing.” 

The rose ceremony

During the hometowns rose ceremony, Brown had a difficult time choosing who to send home. After leaving the room in the middle of the ceremony and speaking to Chris Harrison, she returned to give roses to all four men. 


“What the f*ck is going on?” mouthed Jed after getting his rose. He told the camera he’s confused as to why the decision was difficult for Brown because Parker’s “been a scumbag this whole process.”

“He’s been a constant toxin through every bit of this. And to feel like a tossup between him and me now — I don’t know, dude,” we hear Jed say. 

Then in the preview for next week, we see that every man is head over heels for Brown, and that Jed is still upset Parker made it to fantasy suites, too. 

He tells Brown: “I need some clarity on Luke.” 

She asks him how honest he wants her to be. 

Brown has requested that her contestants “stay in [their] own lanes.” There’s a chance Jed’s focus on Parker instead of his relationship with the Bachelorette comes back to bite him. 

Could this be the beginning of the end for Jed?

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