‘The Bachelorette’: Jordan Kimball May Be Season 14’s Most Hated Contestant

The Bachelorette is back, baby! And Becca Kufrin is ready to “do the damn thing” — her words, not ours. Per usual, Bachelor Nation is already addicted to the newest season. And just like every other installment of the show, Season 14 delivers all the drama.

Naturally, that drama starts with a contestant everyone hates (it’s a simple formula, really). This time around, that honor goes to Jordan Kimball. So, won’t you join us as we unpack all the reasons why he’s so deserving of the title? The journey begins — now.

He talks incessantly about being a model

Jordan Kimball meme.

He seems to bring this up a lot. | Blake_Horrstman via Instagram

We’re not saying all models are irritating. We’re just saying this one is. Seriously. From the moment he steps out of the limo, Kimball makes his profession known. And he wants everyone to be crystal clear about it: He is a model. He models. He makes a living by modeling. Did we mention he’s a model?

Get the point? Good, now we can move on. (But a word of caution: There’s more modeling talk to come.)

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He truly thinks he’s better than everyone else

Jordan Kimball in a modeling photoshoot.

He is quite the show off. | Jordan__Kimball via Instagram

Not only does Kimball love talking about his modeling chops, but he can’t seem to shut up about how much better he is than his fellow contestants. And. It. Is. Annoying. On second thought, it sounds more like a superiority complex than anything else. Just saying.

Before we digress any further, there’s a gem of a quote that’s just too good not to share. “Being a model, I beat good-looking guys every day,” Kimball proclaimed during the first group date. And we’re still laughing about it.

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He gave Kufrin life advice, and it was weird

Jordan Kimball speaking to Rebecca Kufrin.

We’re pretty sure that Kufrin didn’t ask for this piece of advice. | Becca.K.Ships via Instagram

Had Kimball known Kufrin more than five minutes before their group date? Nope, but that didn’t stop him from dropping some serious knowledge on the Bachelorette. And by “serious knowledge” we mean totally unsolicited advice. Scratch that; it wasn’t even advice. It was more of a weird suggestion out of left field.

We know you’re waiting with bated breath, so here it is: Kimball told Kufrin that before she puts her socks on in the morning, or her “pantyhose,” or whatever, there’s something else she should don. “Put your confidence on,” he says. To which we’d reply, huh?

Side note: Someone should tell Kimball most women his age no longer wear pantyhose.

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He tries way too hard

Jordan Kimball standing in a gray suit.

Kimball might want to take it easy going forward. | Jordan__Kimball via Instagram

There’s nothing sexy about a guy who throws himself into every situation, talks trash about his fellow Bachelorette suitors, and tries to steal the limelight. Unfortunately, Kimball never got that memo. And viewers aren’t having his behavior.

One viewer, who also happens to be an alum from The Bachelor, even thinks Kimball is trying to dethrone her as one of the franchise’s most notorious contestants. That viewer is Corinne Olympios, and she has some candidly funny words for Kimball. Weighing in on the situation, Olympios told People,

First of all, I think Jordan is trying way too hard. I think he’s really trying to milk his male model thing to the point where it’s like, okay, we get that you think that, but now you’re just really trying to be annoying about it. I feel like he’s almost trying to be a guy version of me. Like, you can’t do Corinne. No. Like, stop!

That may be the first time we agree with Olymios, which is saying a lot.

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He threw a fit when another contestant pulled Kufrin away during a group date

Rebecca Kufrin posing with the contestants of 'The Bachelorette'.

There have been a few awkward moments thanks to Kimball. | Becca.k.ships via Instagram

Group dates seem like a miserable time. But hey, they’re an essential part of the show. And anyone who signs up to find love on a reality show must know that. They have to, right? Well, not so fast, because apparently, Kimball isn’t too keen on the basic requirements of The Bachelorette. Requirements like every contestant needing time to get to know the Bachelorette in question, for instance.

So, when Lincoln Adim was swift to pull Kufrin away when everyone first sat down during a group date, Kimball reacted, well, just as we’d expect him to. He made a fuss about it, which did nothing but show his true colors. And those colors are anything but bright and cheery.

If only Kimball knew how this whole thing worked, maybe he wouldn’t have gotten so salty.

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He stripped down during the cocktail party

Jordan Kimball sitting on a couch while wrapped in a towel.

He wasn’t afraid to get down and dirty. | DateCardPod via Instagram

By now, you know just how arrogant this guy really is. But stripping down during a cocktail party? Really? That’s just tacky. Apparently, though, Kimball doesn’t care about offending anyone at a sophisticated event. OK, who are we kidding? The cocktail parties are anything but sophisticated, but still, you get the point.

When Kimball started running around the mansion sans clothing, no one was impressed, except for himself, of course.

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He pulled Kufrin away in his underwear to talk about — surprise — himself!

Jordan Kimball during an interview.

Kimball really, really wants to be in a relationship with Kufrin. | Writereasons via Instagram

Like we were saying, Kimball really made an uninvited splash when he got (almost) naked during the cocktail party. And then, he interrupted another guy’s one-on-one chat with the lady of the hour — yes, in nothing but his skivvies. Kimball pulled Kufrin away to have, would would end up being, the most bizarre interaction yet. He rambled on about having a “little Jordan” and his high hopes for a G-Wagon. No word on who’s going to be footing the bill.

So, despite everything we just mentioned, perhaps we should be thanking Kimball. After all, a dating show completely void of drama would be a total bore, and we certainly wouldn’t watch.

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